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Whether the characters are printed on plastic film or edible paper, it still looks like crap. If it must " look "exact" and set the theme for the party," obviously that is for the parent to impress her friends, not the birthday child. Same as the mother who upset Melissa. Melissa's only mistake was letting the mother dictate adding too many characters after she recognized that it was going to make the cake look busy. And, yes, it is all copyright infringement, but many people choose to ignore that.

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Lynne's cake does not look like "crap." That was unnecessary and quite rude.
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I seriously hope cartoon characters don't have to be exact...I'm making a Monster High doll and's cute but in no way a replica...

I like both cakes for different reasons.

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Originally Posted by manddi View Post

Lynne's cake does not look like "crap." That was unnecessary and quite rude.

Excuse me. It was Lynne's post that was rude! She said Melissa's cake was unacceptable because her characters weren't exact replicas. Then, she goes on to tout her cake as being better because of the prints. When people post their own cakes on threads like this, it looks to me like an excuse to boast. And, I did not say her cake looked like crap, just the prints. Melissa asked for encouragement and advice. She didn't need a "my cakes is better than yours" message.

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We must've read Lynnes post differently. I read it as an attempt to be helpful and then showing an example; not necessarily being boastful or rude.

We can agree to disagree. We don't need to hijack the thread.
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Your cake is WAY more then $150.00 and it looks so good. You have everything she wanted. what i usually do i cover an none refundable half deposit at the beginning. If she had something in mind she should of told you. But if she said to do whatever you want then she can"t complain. The cake looks amazing. There is 2 things i always tell my clients. 1. Cheap cake isnt good, and good cake isnt cheap. 2. Everything custom made is more money. you want a custom made car, more money, you want custom made clothes, more money you want a custom made cake. MORE MONEY!!!! You cant  expect a cake that takes days even weeks to make and pay Walmart prices.  And when they complain about prices i tell them go to your local food market and pick up a cake from them. She shouldnt have been rude because if she thought she could of done better she would have done it her self. Dont let ONE person stop you from doing what you do. I bet she felt so stupid when ever one at that party told her how amazing the cake looked

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I don't think I could ever go into thisbusiness, because as soon as she asked to me make the characters less "dark," I would have said, "Why? They are dark. Do you have an issue with that?" And lost a customer! I have trouble shutting up, even if money is involved.
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I'm speaking from a customer's point of view.  I don't know what you do to make sure you are giving the customer what you want.  I bake for family not profit but my friend sells her cakes.  Sometimes I have her do them for me and we talk about what I want and I cross my fingers it's what I hoped for.  But unless you or the customer gives you a sketch it's still mostly the baker's vision.  I personally think the cake is way too busy, but that's my opinion.  I would have never combined Jake and Guppies together for one and then it's goes downhill from there.  But I know my friend has made some really silly cakes, but that's what the customer wanted and they were pleased.  So if you gave her what she wanted she should have paid you.  I also agree with PP that unless they are agents of yours, family should not have been involved in the complaint phase of this situation.  That's unprofessional.  I'm surprised to see so many posts about copyright infringement.  That's so silly because Nick Jr. (owned by Viacom) operates a site with licensed BG printables you can use for any purpose - posters, party decor, tshirts, edible sheets.  Sure you aren't supposed to sell such but you're selling the cake and your time, not the free image you printed.  If I had to choose I would prefer the actual BG characters printed, even on cardstock with picks, because there are 8+ and they are all different, rather than an artistic rendition that isn't what I expected.  For example I've seen some where the faces are drawn with a fondant pen and some where the Guppies are huge like adults rather than children.  I would be upset if I had to pay for something that was that off.  That would be a lot of funky looking fondant no one is going to eat.  As for the "dark" characters, maybe that was a dig at the black character, maybe not.  I think all characters should be appropriately represented (I've even seen one cake that had all BUT Goby on there which is ridiculous) but some bakers do make Goby way darker than he should be.  And I've seen lazy cake makers use the same fondant color to make Molly when she is much lighter skinned than Goby.  I don't think I could ever be in this business either because I'd want every cake to be perfect (probably impossible) and it's very likely my perfect is "off" for many customers!  I think if this is something you love you should just learn and grow from this experience and continue improving your business. 

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Oy. Now I'm all out of breath after reading that.

Paragraphs are a good thing.
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Seriously?  Because if there was a paragraph break there would be any less to read?  It's a forum, not a college essay.

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Yes, seriously.

Respect the language and respect the reader.
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Well this is a thread from over a year ago so...


It's easier to read when there are breaks in the text. It's not about how much you wrote, but how hard it is to read without getting lost. As for the copyright infringement being 'silly', tell that to the high priced attorney that Nick hires to take you to court, because you'll be paying his bill as part of your fine.


I'm glad the OP kept the cake and didn't give it to the momzilla. If I had worked for $0.50 an hour for an entire week I'd expect a little more appreciation too. 

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