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You did a great job on this cake and there are alot of details! Keep your head up and next time I would get a deposit up front. Oh, and don't quit....we all have a bad experience now and then. icon_smile.gif
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She is plain crazy!!! The cake is gorgeous and you seriously underpriced it. I charged $160 for the Romero Britto cake in my profile (the yellow one with the flower) and it was a 12" round cake. I just started selling too. You need to take a look at your prices. Also, did you get a deposit? I hope you didn't give it back to her ( I'm assuming she didn't take it since you said you might donate it.) I think she just had buyers remorse.
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The first thing I would've said to her was No. That is a licensed character and you are not supposed to be selling them.

But you did make the cake and it's obvious you put a ton of work into it so I'm sorry your feelings got hurt.
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[quote="Kaybaby"]You cake is amazing. It remind me of Disney World, so much to see you can't take it in all at once.

That was my thought too. Well done, it's a beautiful cake that any kid would love. Shame on her.
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wow, that cake is awesome!! Im so sorry you had a crazy bad apple customer, it happens to the best of us. Please dont let her discourage you. That cake had so much detail I would have charged double what you did. Anytime you do a cake for someone you dont know, get the cake paid for upfront. This lady was obviously trying to take advantage of you, so sorry it took a week of your time. Keep on caking because we all love your talent!!
Yes I am legal. Now move on and bake..
Yes I am legal. Now move on and bake..
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So sorry! She even said that she knew her son would love it!? I think there's a lot of detail, and it's obivous that you spent a lot of hours on it. Some people are never pleased!
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I can relate to your feelings. I, too, take it personally if someone doesn't like something I've worked hard on, and I do cry. It makes me mad that I let people get to me like that, but my husband says it's just because I'm a tender-hearted person! I'll take that!!!

Anyway, I'm sorry this rude woman hurt your feelings. Try to consider that you got a lot of practice and experience making figures and such. Please don't let her ruin something you love to do. Hard to believe how mean spirited some people can be. Poor little birthday boy probably wound up with a flat cake from Walmart with a plastic character pick stuck in it.
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I forgot to add on last post, that personally I think this lady just did not have the cash to pay you.. I think she is lying
Yes I am legal. Now move on and bake..
Yes I am legal. Now move on and bake..
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agree with everyone else... that lady didn't know how to back out of paying you the money... good you didn't let her have the cake.. she didn't deserve it... silly woman... x-(
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GREAT CAKIN!...wipe your eyes ....this makes you stronger, thats ok you poured yourself into every aspect of this cake,that is obvious. Let this experience push you forward,not stop you from creating and enjoying what you my Mama used to say..."If you don't like my apples don't shake my tree! " love and peace
<333>< thanks for sharing
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Please, oh please don't give up!!!The cake is wonderful and I cannot even IMAGINE the time you put into it!! Don't let one spoiled B***H put you off of something that you obviously love to do!!!!
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Oh my gosh! I can't believe she wouldn't take the cake! That cake has an amazing amount of detail! You way undercharged her! Please oh please get the amount in full up front next time! Holy crap, the nerve of some people!
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Originally Posted by melissalovespandas

Thanks everyone for taking time to reply, I just feel awful icon_cry.gif I just recently got my license but I rent a kitchen since I can't afford a shop. I know it looks busy but she wanted all those details, she asked me to change the skin colors of the bubble guppies and not make them look ''dark''. I added the peter pan shadow , She didn't want no skulls she wanted an octopus instead, I added all the details she asked for when I asked her, her excuse was that the bubble guppies head wasn't big enough. When my husband asked her what she didn't like she said ''thats something you can discuss with her in your own time'' My sister got so upset that she told her ''if you want a cheap cake go to walmart'' lol. I know it didn't help but I tried so hard to please her, I kept sending her pictures of all my characters and she said she loved them. but when she saw the cake she said she was very uGH I still can't believe it, It was a kids birthday and she said it ''I know my son will love it but I don't'' lol icon_sad.gif now im left with a cake. I might donate it. :/

Im so sorry this happened to you .What a Bee -octch she is .She just didnt want to
pay and was hoping to get it for less or free. I would eat it myself first. Dont give up.your dream. No matter what business or where you work there is always going to be someone trying to get something for nothing or cut you down.Her excuses were just that excuses to not pay ! She said her son would love it .This cake was not for her but her son .So obviously she had buyers remorse.

Just take it as lesson learned. I would have a non -refundable deposit policy of half at signing of a contract . Or a cake like this that took alot of work maybe paid in full Two weeks before . there are other threads with information and opinions on contracts. You didnt just make a cake you made a commisioned
custom work of art .This is your business and you have to treat it as such.
What I mean you are going to have to set rules for your business to protect you financially for people like this . So that you arent taking it so personally because you did a wonderful job .But protect yourself so you always get paid . Like I.said read some of the threads with comments from the pros on contracts. Hugs to you
and dont let one rude person spoil your dream . For that one bad client there will be a 100 more who adore your cake.
on spoil your dream.
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Thanks ! I tried my best to do all the details she wanted. I added swords, eye patches and pirate hats to the bubble guppies, I even made captain hook even though she didn't asked me to do it icon_sad.gif Luckily someone else wants the cake so I'm just changing the name. It just felt like she wanted me to lower the price to like $30 . It really sucks, I couldn't even talk because I couldn't help but cry. I'm glad she didn't take the cake.
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Your cake was very nice hun. I'm glad you found someone else to buy it from you icon_smile.gif Don't give up you're very talented and someone will appreciate your art!
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