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Carving a cake...Help!

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I am going to attempt to carve a cake into a standing converve sneaker. I am fairly new to the cake decorating world. Can I just use a basic chocolate recipe (box or scratch) or does it need to be more like a pound cake? Thanks in advace for the advice icon_smile.gif
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It would probably be best if you used a corss between a pound and regurar/standard (box mix) cake.
My *original* WASC recipe is perfect icon_smile.gif
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I have always used my basic chocolate cake recipie without any problems. I bake from scratch so I dont know how well a box mix will do. Hopefully someone else here can answer that. Good Luck!
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kakeladi's recipe will work beautifully.

Many people who carve, start by filling between the layers, then freezing the cake. Carve the frozen cake, then crumb coat and finish decorating.
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i've worked with both doctored cake mixes and scratch. i think the most important things to remember are to make sure you freeze your cake first and have a denser cake to carve (may not be an issue with the converse cake). i always carve my cakes right out of the freezer-makes a world of difference. good luck
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