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thanks so much everyone i have one more question i also did a grooms cake it was fine do i keep that portion of the payment or do refund that as well?
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IF the buyer was made aware of 2 different prices at the time of purchase, one for the Wedding Cake, and one for the Groom's cake, then I would suggest only refunding the amount for the damaged product, plus any delivery fees for both cakes.

IF the final contract between you and the bride did NOT show an exact price for each cake, then I'd refund the entire amount for both cakes. Now is NOT the time to be providing a new invoice which breaks down the pricing for each cake.

Here's the new wording suggestion for the new email and letter IF the contract specified an amount for EACH cake:

"I take pride in my bakery and the wedding cakes I have delivered to many brides in the past, but, unfortunately, cake is fragile. The Wedding Cake was damaged while the Groom's Cake was not. I am sorry the Wedding Cake for your special day was accidentally damaged, and I am enclosing a check with 100% of the payment made by you for your Wedding Cake. I am also refunding the entire amount paid for delivery. I wish you and your husband many years of happiness."



I would attach a copy of the original contract which states the specific price for EACH cake.
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I really don't see why you should give a refund for the grooms cake, it wasn't damaged. Did you get a picture of the damaged and fixed cake, would love to see how you made it work.
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thank you Apti for all of your help i sent her that email today and told her a full refund was in the mail i just went ahead and refunded the total cost for both cakes i think it will be better in the end for Cathyi did not get any pictures i had planed on taking a picture of the cake once i got to the venue and with her dad screaming at me like he was i did not stop to take a picture and when i finally fixed it best i could i just wanted out of
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You are very welcome, Shelly. I think your assessment of refunding for both cakes was the best decision.

Now, don't you dare beat yourself up on this matter for one more minute!!! Accidents happen, you took a professional approach and made the client "whole" (legal term for "ok") and did what you could to mitigate the damage when it happened.

Your cakes are gorgeous, and anyone fortunate enough to be able to purchase one of those cakes is very lucky indeed!
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It was not an was accidentally broken. You did not have a car crash, but you did not secure the cake well enough.

It was not her dream cake, and you should ask them what they think is fair and work accordingly.

And I think you should demand an apology from the dad by saying that while the cake was not broken on purpose, the screaming at you was on purpose and uncalled for.
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Originally Posted by shelly-101

My very first cake disaster happened last night the wedding cake didn't make the ride so well it was a topsy turvy the back of the bottom tier just split causing the other two tiers to go tumbling. i got to the venue the brides dad was screaming at me like I did it on purpose i have never been made to feel that bad ever. i had to ask the brides mom to ask him to leave so i could figure out what i was going to do and how i could fix the cake I could not think with him screaming at me like he was. I ended up putting a dummy tier on the bottom recovering the top two tiers some of the petals on the gumpaste stargazer lilies were broken so i just removed the broken petals i just left the bottom tier in the back and told them to still cut and serve it. I did the best i could with what i had the cake was still pretty but not what it was before. i feel like i do owe the bride some sort of refund or compensation do i offer her a full refund? a partial refund since they still had cake? or do i offer a free cake? never had this happen so not really sure what to do any advice would be appreciated. icon_cry.gificon_cry.gificon_cry.gificon_cry.gif

Yeah you should give a full refund, but just for the wedding cake.

If the man was screaming at me I would have turned around and gone home. No cake for you, and given them a refund. If I had been taken to court I would have told them I gave a refund and felt threatened so I left.
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