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Idea for cake...what do you think?

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I'm making a birthday cake for my boyfriend of almost 4 years for Tuesday and wanted to see if you all think my idea is good or if it sucks lol. Here's some background info-- His birthday was actually Friday but he's having to work double shifts all weekend so I'm planning to make a cake to take to dinner when we meet up with his motorcycle group for bike night on Tuesday. He's 28 years old, likes motorcycles, Camaros/Firebirds, music (played in marching band and loves to listen to all types of music), guns, and has been a police officer for 5 years. I'm making probably an 8 or 10 inch round cake (depending on how many people they're expecting at bike night this week) and planning to make chocolate cake with a whipped milk chocolate ganache.

I wanted to try to incorporate a lot of his interests on the cake but decided it would be to busy. So I was thinking of frosting the cake with the milk chocolate buttercream and piping a simple border on the top and bottom edges and then using melted dark chocolate to pipe a musical staff and notes around the sides. Then do a musical staff and notes across the top of the cake and put a motorcycle figure (fondant if I have time or a plastic toy) on it with the lines from the musical staff as kind of an abstract road that the motorcycle is driving on. Does that make sense? I'm trying to go simpler on the design because I don't have tons of time to work on it but still wanted to incorporate some of his interests. So what do you all think? Be honest, you won't hurt my feelings icon_smile.gif
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I think it sounds awesome icon_biggrin.gif!
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I can see it . sounds good to me . good luck and post a pic icon_biggrin.gif
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I LOVE this idea! Not too busy but totally personal. I think the idea of riding on the music is perfect. Good luck!
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When I have too many ideas for one cake I usually bake a hexagon, that way each square along the sides can be framed like a photo and 6 different ideas can go into the 6 squares.
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