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I realize I'm coming in late on this, but I just wanted to say that I've done a baby butt on an 8" - it was for my new grandson last year. You just have to consider proportions.
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I agree with jgifford - I have done numerous baby butt cakes on smaller cakes such as a 9" or 8". Most times I use a 4" cake for the butt or a cupcake! Proportion is key and can easily be adjusted. The effect is the same!
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Thank you but not for $50. She does not want to spend anymore than that. No thanks. Go buy a sheet cake from Walmart.
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I'm way out of knowledge for currant pricing of cakes- having been out of business for some 5 yrs now- but I wanted to let you know that a small sized butt cake could be done. You mentioned in your 1st post an 8" cake not being big enough for a b butt but why could one not use a mini 1/2 ball cupcake for the butt - which would fit nicely on an 8 or 9" round. That would bring the size of the cake more into \\line....... just a thought.
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When I first started I had tons of people try to negotiate price and many who would express shock over my prices which were much lower then. Eventually the people who appreciate this kind of work and who can afford it will find you (or you find them) and you will have less of this.

I rarely hear this anymore. One thing that helps is for you to be very solid and confident in your price. If someone does ask nicely why the heck so much for a cake, I simply explain that it's not the cost of flour and eggs but time spent on the artwork. Don't be afraid to say yes that's the price and wait for them to fill the silence.

I do bend over backwards to give them lower priced options, but I don't back down or feel guilty for any prices I set.

Btw, your price sounds a little low to me.
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