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Funny/sad story. Pugs are hilarious. Little Froto must have quite the cast iron stomach - hope he is fine, feeling very guilty, but fine....
I do agree with Jess155 about the whole "yuck" factor. I imagine that staying up all night may have compromised the OP's common sense cuz friends don't serve friends half-doggie-eaten cake.
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Unless I missed it, we don't know if she used the same cake. The OP said she redid the cake. That could include the actual cake part and not just the buttercream.
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Animals do not belong in the kitchen while baking, and I'm sure the original poster realizes that now.

Your cake looks great, congrats on pulling it off.
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Oh, I missed the controversy over whether or not you baked a new cake. I sure hope you did!
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I'm late to the party, but I have read every post thus curiosity is peaked as I too read the original post and thought the same cake was used, but touched up. Also, at this point, we may never REALLY know for sure.

I've often wondered about people baking and/or cooking for others that have pets. I LOVE my little cake hobby and even though I only probably do about 10 cakes a year, I refuse to get a dog, even though I and my husband both want one. I just think there are too many natural elements to have to deal with (like those damned fuzzies that ALWAYS land on beautifully rolled out fondant...ImageImage) that I choose...AGAIN, I CHOOSE (not faulting anyone else) NOT to ADD to those existing elements and risk having anything unwanted in anything I make or bake...regardless whether it's for someone else or not. Even aside from the kitchen & allergy factors, I can't stand fighting with pet hair on my sofa, chairs or clothes. It's a dilemma for much as I would LOVE having a dog, I grew up with an inside dog and I can honestly say I just don't miss always having a little bit of "Tiffy" (our white Siberian husky/collie mix) with me everywhere and on everything.
Last year, a caking friend of mine invited over to her house so that we can trade secrets and such. She had experience making flowers and she wanted me to show her how to smooth buttercream. Her home was beautifulfrom the outside. The first thing I noticed inside was her large kitchen and gorgeous countertop (I have like NO counter space) and I envied the space she had to work with. But she also had a HUGE dog and 2 was disgusting! We sat at her big beautiful dining room table and began to roll out fondant so she can show me how to make flowersand one of the cats jumped on the table as the other decided to jump in my lap and I am NOT a cat person. I asked her how she handles keeping pet hair out of her fondant as she kneads and rolls it out (because I immediately noticed it was all over and IN my chunk of fondant that I was working with) and she honestly said to meIve never noticed itI dont let them near me when Im working so it isnt a problem. OMGI was totally grossed out, especially since I know that she was baking for friends and even taking orders for her cakes. Up until that point, I had never had the chance to try one of her cakesafter that day, I never will. The chunk of fondant I worked with at her house went into the garbage as well as the unused portion that I viewed as exposed when I opened it to take some out. Thankfully, it was just Wilton fondant that I bought just to practice with that day.

I know not everyone is like thisbut I do have to believe that perhaps maybe sometimes, people IN this element may be oblivious to what lands in their food or how easily pet hair attracts to things unwantedly. Im too much of a neat freak to even think about it. But againthats just me.
So many of you have excellent arguments on both sides of the fence, I always enjoy reading these discussions. Image
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How can a pug get on a counter? They are so short and stout lol! I would be too busy being totally impressed by his ninja like ability to jump, than worrying about the cake!

No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government...


No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government...

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