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I actually posted asking for help with the stuff. Only got a couple of replies. You had a bunch which is very helpful. I will have to try the tips with the last of the Satin Ice I have.
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I have posted a problem with Fondant tearing on a " Thin and very tall cake" hoping to get an insight on what went wrong. Got a few replies, all interesting... but now, after reading this I am wondering... was it the kind of fondant?
To obtain the grey color needed I mixed black with white Satin Ice fondant and used a good spread of shortening to help with the kneading.
Now that I am evaluating... I did have issues in the past when using black SI.
hmmmm... wondering.... icon_rolleyes.gif
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This is the third cake I used fondant on with a chocolate buttercream frosting under it. This was for my husband's birthday. I used Satin Ice with a mix of red color from Duff and black color from Duff, it came out gray/purple and pink. The fondant also cracked a bit and gathered/puckered on the edge. The cake was a 9 inch round. Can someone and tell me what I did wrong as to not have this happen again. icon_confused.gif
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I wanted to thank you for your post on Satin Ice-- I've used it a lot over the years with no problem. Until my last cake! It seemed too soft, tore easily and when it dried it had deep cracks in it. I disguised the flaws and the client loved their cake but I'm puzzled as to why the fondant behaved this way. By the way the weather was normal-- no humidity. Thanks!
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ocwebb: I sometimes get a batch like that, especially ivory. The solution I have found it to dry some of the moisture out of the fondant by letting it sit out for a bit. Of course it will try to dry out too much in places, so I knead, sit for 5, knead sit for 5 etc... (in 1 pound or so lumps) until it gets back to the consistency I'd like.
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