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My first 200 cupcake wedding!

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Hello! So i am trying to figure out how much to charge for 200 plain vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for a wedding. This is my first wedding. I am really bad about undercharging myself for fear of overcharging the customer and them not recommending me or coming back to me. Any suggestions? i know it would be different in what city it is. I will be doing them in Louisville, Ky

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I charge $2 per cupcake plus delivery/setup ($50 within 20 miles) and more if venue is farther away.
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What will your ingredient costs be, and how long do you estimate it will take to complete the order (including prep, baking, decorating, and cleanup)?

If you don't already have liability insurance, check with the venue to see if they require vendors to be insured. If they do and you don't have insurance, you would need to add this cost to the order (not the whole annual premium, just an estimate based on how many orders you fill per year).

Here in CA we would charge $2.50-$3/cupcake plus $1/minute for round-trip delivery and setup.
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How much do your cupcakes cost to make? I charge four times my ingredient cost. That covers a percentage of all contributing things (such as overhead, packaging, etc). I read this in a book about how to set up a home bakery. The author Mimi Fix learned it while in the baking industry. It works out to what other business posters like Jason suggest. Plus I charge a delivery fee.

And if you don't charge enough customers will want your cupcakes because they're cheap. You'll get more business and be working for almost nothing.
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