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I've never had a problem with my MMF and I use it exclusively to cover fondant cakes. This is the recipe I use:
1lb marshmallows + 3tblsps water (+flavouring)
2lbs powdered sugar
3oz shortening at room temperature

heat marshmallows and water in microwave at 30-45 sec intervals until just melted. They might still hold their shape, but when you stir them they will turn into goo.

Sift the powdered sugar into a large mixing bowl and add the shortening. Add the marshmallow goo and using the hook attachment on your mixer stir on a low setting until sugar starts to combined with marshmallows. You can add food colouring at this point if you like. Increase speed slightly and mix until it has the consistency of soft fondant. Turn out on to your work surface which has been lightly dusted with powdered sugar and knead (with greased hands!) until smooth. Double wrap in cling film, put in a ziplock bag and let cure in a cool place (not the fridge) overnight.

Too much shortening and it will lose it's stretchiness and get hard to work with. With this method there is no need to grease all the utensils. If you accidentally add too much sugar, try adding some glycerin to reduce cracking. GO EASY on the SHORTENING!!!

Hope this helps!
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thanks will try & let u know how it works....have a great day
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Bad experience with mlf always so I switched to buy readymade
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I invented some new cuss words the other night working with MMF. I used it for accent decorations as opposed to covering a cake with it. I cut out some blossoms, which went ok, but then I tried to use my Tappits and all hell broke loose. The MMF was sticky AND crumbly. it wouldn't come out of the Tappits and then it would just break apart. But it was sticky too, so that was interesting. I just broke out the old Wilton for the letters. Never again!
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I never have problems with MMF but I did notice that when I buy the Kraft brand it never comes out. And when I use the store brand like walmart's it comes out perfect. There was a post that this was happening to a few people, I also add lemon and glycerin to my recipe and this helps a lot. Good luck and let us know the final result.
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I'm going to go to another angle. If you like using a product that you buy, then the cost to the customer must reflect your ingredient costs. Long story short, raise your rates icon_smile.gif

I have good days and bad with making MMF, I always keep "store bought" on hand in case its a bad day. One day I'll perfect it though, I'm determined that way icon_lol.gif
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