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MyCakeSchool is worth the $30.00 however, if you are someone like me who gets sick very easily from camera movement, it can be an issue. They do a great job, but some videos I cannot watch because of that. I have to look away and only listen. It's obviously a personal thing and nothing to say of the quality or anything about the information presented there. They have a wonderful selection of tutorials, have a nice demeanor and do quality work. She also comes up with neat tricks I hadn't thought of before. I still look forward to all her updates which are regular.
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So glad I joined MY Cake School!!! It has been almost a year now-- I have learned so much- and I use some so many techniques-very clever ideas- beautiful work- Melissa and Bebe are great! They answer questions quickly- all of the "students" are so nice and helpful!!

The best 30.00 I have spent so far.

I am anxiously awaiting Sharon's site!!!
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Thanks cakerycreations and all those that have given their opinion on My Cake School. I was debating signing up & it is no longer a debate icon_biggrin.gif
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this is a video i found on you tube about the leopard print cake. i have been searching too. i am sorry this video is not in English it is subtitled how ever, maybe this will help u
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there is a trick to it, you have to make the spots just like you make cake pops roll them into circles(the yellow vinillia batter) flatten the chocolate cake pop surround the yellow balls and drop them into your cake batter and bake. that's pretty much it.
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