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fondant people

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I posted this pic hoping to get some critiquing. but i realized the pics say to say something nice. I think they look like men! Could you please tell me what you don't like and if possible what I can do differently or where I could go to get some tutorials. It wont let me add it here but it is in my gallery. Thanks!
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I don't think they look like men at all!
...but you're right, there's definitely an improvement from the first to the second...the color is more realistic, the arm length is much better, and I like the hair more.

I think you did a really great job!!

As for tutorials...there's a lot of good ones posted on YouTube, but my favorite figure tutorials are by Lorraine McKay...they're very reasonably priced and incredibly informative ("Heads Up" is a must-have!)

I think hands are particularly hard to's Lorraines free video tutorial on those:

Do you have an extruder? Most people use one to make hair...

Btw...look at my very first head (the brown haired one)...does she not look demented LOL!
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I think you did a good job for a first timer. They don't look like men in my opinion. I have only done fairies, flowers & now animals in gumpaste. What I did was get some library books on how to do clay figures as well as tutorials online. There are also molds you can purchase. I don't have any since I don't sell cakes, it becomes expensive to buy all these things. I think the best thing is to practice. It becomes easier.
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