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Let's try to solve a WASC baking problem

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I'm posting this in the recipe section and here so it gets maximun exposure.
For those experiencing trouble making a chocolate version - many of you say "the cake fell". Can you please post a pic (if necessary, e-mail/pm it to me).
I never had such a problem. I used the recipe for years......about 20-25. I'd like to see how bad it is....just a little dip in the center? A full cake fall? Totally unusable cake or just a slight dip? I'd like to try to help out and solve this problem.
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I do a lot of freebie cakes and sometimes I will use the WASC, and I have used both your recipe and the Rebecca Sutterby one. I have had a couple sink on me, but if I recall correctly I think it's just mostly been with the chocolate. I almost always use a flower nail on the 10" and larger ones and use baking strips on the outside of the pan. Also, I don't mess with the cake until it's almost done. I check it about 15 minutes before it's supposed to be done. And generally when you can smell it, it's ready to come out of the oven. But I don't wait until I can smell it to check on it.
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Could I ask what temp. you both normally bake chocolate wasc at?
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The reason I ask is that I use a doctored chocolate cake recipe, however not WASC. I, too have had problems with it falling lately. This cake is baked at 350, but I tried it this week at 325 and it didn't fall for a change. So I was curious as to your baking temp.
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I was baking at 325. Most recently, I tried the Amazing Chocolate WASC recipe.
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I generally bake all my cakes at 300 F degrees for about 20 minutes (can be more depending on the size & # of cakes in the oven), then turn it up to 325 for about an equal amount of time.
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Then do you think a lower baking temp. might be the key?
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I think that the lower temperature (325) is definately key. Also when I make the 2-boxes of cake mix version which calls for 2 2/3 cups of liquid I like to use flavored coffee creamers for part of the liquid, but if use more than 1 cup of creamer (NOT fat free creamer) I have had the cake fall - maybe it throws off the fat or sugar ratio needed. So 1 cup of creamer and 1 2/3 cup water.
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Maybe it's the mix you started out with. Are you using Duncan Hines? All of the ladies in my cake group had a terrible time with DH mixes over the Fall - we complained - they said they'd look into it - then came the news that they were having financial difficulties and to stay afloat they were reducing their size of their package mixes. So if you too are having cake failures and are using doctored mixes starting out with DH, there's your problem.
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I think it was MacsMom who said when she uses DH for WASC that she reduces her sugar by 2-3 T., uses either light yogurt or sour cream and adds an extra egg white. Maybe she can correct me if I've got it wrong. I have used the new, smaller DH for my white cake recipe which comes from the original Cake Doctor book and have no sinking problems. It's the chocolate that people have problems with, even with the larger mixes, so maybe try lower the temp. by 25 degrees. As Kakeladi says, she bakes at 300 and doesn't have sinking.
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