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buttercream frosting

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Hi. I have been asked to make a wedding cake but they want maple buttercream frosting. I have never made that kind of frosting so i want to experiment before I have to make it. Does anyone know of a good recipe? It has to be able to withstand heat it's for a wedding in June.
Thank you ahead of time
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An idea... maybe just add some maple syrup to your regular buttercream recipe. It'd probably taste awesome!
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That's right, just add maple syrup to your regular recipe until you get the intensity of flavor that you want. This works with and flavored frosting, chocolate, mocha, caramel, raspberry, etc. Just use the recipe you are comfortable with and flavor!
Life is unpredictable so let's eat dessert first!
Life is unpredictable so let's eat dessert first!
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I think there was one posted in Paula Deen's magazine withing the past 6 months. I'm searchning. If I find it I wil let you know. It may have been in Southern Living or another one.
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Found one in Taste of the South, October/November 11 issue and one in Paula Deen's October 11 issue. Would you like me to PM the recipes to you?
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Thank you everyone for the suggestions. I am just wondering if I add just the maple syrup to my buttercream will it be able to withstand the heat and not melt before the bridal party arrives?
MadMillie that would be great if you could PM me...
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I would use this recipe and add LorAnne maple candy oil. The syrup is going to be sweet and add extra sweetness to your frosting. Try adding two or three drops of the maple oil and then do a taste test. Make sure you give the frosting time to rest to absorb the flavor before adding more. LorAnne oil is really strong so it doesn't take much. You might want to let your customer know that frosting will not be a true white. Either way if you use syrup or LorAnne oil it will give you a slight off white color frosting unless you can find a color free maple extract.
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This is the recipe that a lot of people use for outdoor weddings. I don't like Crisco for frosting so I haven't give it a try but I have heard great things about this recipe.
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This is another suggestion. I'm personally not a fan of the Lorann oils. Maple syrup will add sweetness and it will make the buttercream runnier. I use Olive Nation pure organic extracts. They have maple.

I use IMBC, but you can use any recipe you like and feel comfortable with.
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Use maple extract not syrup. Do a search there are different brands .I know McCormick even has one .Ive never tasted it .
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Growing up in New England, my Mom used to make maple butter and maple frosting once a year. She would cream butter and pure maple syrup until light and fluffy. Then she would add 10x, a pinch of salt and milk as needed for a frosting consistency. It was amazing!
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