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I use foamboard covered with fondant. The foamboards come from Walmart for $2.99 each and you can cut several boards from one foamboard (use a box cutter with a sharp new blade). I use leftover fondant (just freeze it until I need it) for the boards. I glue a ribbon around the edge...the ribbon costs about $3 a spool but you can do a bunch of boards with just one spool. I usually keep it in black and white and only buy other colors if I really need them.

Covering the board with fondant. Doesn't it get damaged like when you go to pick the boards up or if something accidentely touches it?

Also, if you stack a cake what do you use on the foam board to cover it before you put your cake on top??

If you cover the board at least a few days in advance, it hardens until it won't dent if you touch it. I've had people try to return my plate before, not realizing it was just a foamboard with fondant on top.

For the boards between tiers, I use foamboard but I wrap it in press and seal wrap. It won't rip when the cake is cut, the fondant from the tier below won't stick to it, it's really ideal for the job. A bit more expensive than regular plastic wrap but I keep a roll just for wrapping boards.