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White chocolate nest

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I have been asked to make a white chocolate nest for the top of a cake and I can't figure out for the life of me how to do it.

It's not melted chocolate squeezed around a bowl but looks like white chocolate pasta or something. I tried making modeling chocolate and it just crumbles. I've done one in fondant but it just isn't as nice. Any help would be appreciated.

You can see a picture of the nest at

Unfortunately it won't let me save and upload it.
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It looks like a lot of really narrow strips loosly gathered up and wound around. It's pretty neat actually (it's in a post titled "Feathering her nest baby shower"). I think you could do that with gumpaste, if the modeling chocolate isn't working out for you. A stiff gumpaste like Nick Lodge's recipe would work, maybe build it up in several layers.
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That is cool. Truthfully I have never worked with modeling chocolate before, but from my understanding you can do with it what you do with fondant. I know people cover cakes with it. Maybe you need to find a recipe that is more flexible? Or maybe you can mix some of your modeling chocolate with a little bit of fondant to give it more flexibility?

Initially I thought to run it through an extruder, but those pieces are flat, almost like fettuccine pasta. Is there a pasta cutter for fettuccine? I would try that, or the extruder idea.

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I think that is just white chocolate. When I wrapped cakes in white chocolate, I put it on acetate and then wrap. So, do you think it would work to put the white chocolate on a sheet and then cut it into strips when it is set? Maybe with some paramount crystals so it isn't so brittle? It was really cute! I hope someone has tried making one. I would love to read how it was done!
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I would make Modeling Chocolate and I believe the proportions for making it with White Chocolate are slightly different (I'll look for this for you later today). Then extrude it using a small or medium hole. I have the red-handled extruder gumpaste tool from a cake supply store, but you can also purchase a less expensive one from Michaels that's about $14. Let it drop and swirl around as you extrude it so you don't have to touch it with your hands. As the Modeling Chocolate dries it will hold it's shape.
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That looks like white chocolate that has been sorta shaved and then swirled around. I know that in the wood caring section at the hardware store you can find a tool that would cut it like that or depending on your potato peeler, use one end and carve/shave the strips. HTH
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