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The cake bible

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I have both, "the cake bible" and "Rose's heavenly cakes", and would like to know which of the recipes will hold up to fondant. Also, when picking a cake recipe, how do you know if it'll be sturdy enough for fondant?
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I haven't run across a recipe in the cake bible (for cake....not including the stuff like waffles and the like) that won't hold up to fondant, except for the angel food cake.

I haven't made every recipe in the other book, but most butter cakes will hold up to fondant.
Fall down 7 times....get up 8
Fall down 7 times....get up 8
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Unless you are making the custard cakes, angel food cake, or the breakfast cakes (crepes, pancakes, etc.), her recipes will hold under fondant. While they are solid enough for fondant, they are also moist enough for cupcakes.

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Is Rose's book worth buying? Which book do you think is the best one, the cake book bible or Rose's Heavenly cakes? I had the bible one in my hand one day and was going to buy it but ended up buying the Buddy Valastro book instead. Wish I had stuck with the cake bible. His book is okay but not as good as I thought it was going to be. Next time I am in the book store I may buy the cake bible but want feedback as to which book people like the best./Thanks for information/Mary

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Rose's book has changed my life. No kidding. She goes over everything, including piping, tempering chocolate, equipment, etc. Last week, I made her butter chocolate cake recipe but as cupcakes for the office bake sale. I received compliments galore. Some people even told me that they nearly "bit their fingers off" gobbling down their cupcake. If you follow her recipes, use the right equipment, and are patient, you are bound to get a winner. Every time. I have the Cake Bible. As for Heavenly Cakes, I will get that one very soon.

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What I suggest is that you borrow it from the public library and try a few recipes. That's what I did. Then I purchased it. That book will be a part of my repetoire as long as I continue baking. She's the Julia Child of baking, minus the tv show.

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Thanks for the information. I had no idea that I could get this book from the library.  I will probably go ahead and buy cake bible next time I go up to the book store.  I will look at my library and see if they have the other book Rose's Heavenly Cakes. I appreciate the information about the library


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