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This sounds like a very good strategy.  Now we know were to send our letters simple and non-demanding and probably short in nature.


Thanks for the update!



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Good information !  I am so glad she thinks we are doing a good job so far.

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Sounds like good advise. Kay has been very helpful so far and I also trust her expertise.


  I do hope he understands that food costs and inflation cut deeply into our profit  because we do not buy in bulk like big business.  And to remember that a family with three kids making less than 35,000 a year qualifies for SNAP, federal food assistance.  This is a business after all. 

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hello!!! I came across this thread while searching the Alabama cottage food laws!!! are any of you still interested for this year? Session just started and we have contacted Sen Glover, the Health committe and the health dept all with positive responses!!
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There is a petition on facebook that would be awesome for you to sign if you haven't already.  But, yes there is a massive following to have this happen in the current general session.



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I also read a few comments up that you were told that the bill died in the Health Committe and that is not what we were told yesterday!! my husband contacted the Health committee yesterday and they said it was not because of them. they told us to contact the health dept and see if they had any issues. we are still waiting on their response which they said more than likely they do not. also we were told that the bill never even got put up for a vote because there was nobody there to lobby for it! so we all need to get together this time to be there to make that happen. they said this bill would have passed 9 to nothing!!
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I have read and signed and have gotten over 50 signatures added!!!
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I have been in contact with Barbara who started the petition!! I am so excited for this year!!
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anyone of you live in or around Montgomery?
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I wish I did.  I'm on the Gulf Coast.

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I am about an hour from Montgomery in the Opelika/Auburn area.
Originally Posted by Payteecakes View Post

anyone of you live in or around Montgomery?
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Cakymom,  I am so worried because Sen Glover is not responding to us.  Has anyone talked to him personally about what this bill will contain or when he plans on introducing a bill ?  

We all need to get numbers on this petition and get it to the press. First and foremost we need someone one to sponsor this bill who is dedicated to PUSHING for it. Please join the discussion on the two facebook pages. Alabama Cottage Food Law Petition and Alabama Food Law Bill.  We need numbers. We need people to come forward ASAP and take a stand or nothing will happen.  ASAP Time is of the essence.  

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HEY HEY! Payteecakes  :)   I know you have a group "chomping" and ready to go to Montgomery and present this petition. Let's get that petitioned fattened up and get it to the legislature ASAP ! 

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This just posted on the Gulf Coast Cake Society Facebook page and is from the lady in Senator Glover's district that brought this to his attention by being shut down by her local Health Dept for selling out goods out of an unlicensed kitchen. 


ok, folks. I finally heard from Senator Glover this morning. He is getting the bill drawn up this week and reintroducing it the first part of next week. It will be the same bill as last year. Once he has introduced a bill, he cannot make changes to it. All changes must to be made by the health committee members. Anyone wishing changes from last year needs to get in touch with the committee members and request the changes you want. I guess that can be done in writing, or when we go to Montgomery to support the bill. Hope this is helpful.

This is Great News!!!  Now we know what direction to head in.  I see the biggest issue being the limit of 5000.  I think if we ask for too many things to be changed and/or tweaked the bill will get bogged down and will die.  So, realistically what do you think the limit should be?  And please keep in mind the objective is to get it passed and then in following terms have adjustments made.  Like Texas is doing currently.

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If you go back and read last years bill, the limit was $50k not $5k.
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