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Hey Deb ! I just moved here also. I don't live far from Huntsville. How do you like living here so far ?
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Does anyone know what we can start doing or who to call ? That way we can get a jump start on this so it can get passed this upcoming year ?
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Really wanting this bill to pass in February. What is the next step and what can I do?
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I would like to do whatever possible to help this Bill along! I really need this to go through! Has there been any recent news?


Texas had a Facebook page going to raise awareness when they were trying to get passed. I wonder if that would be a good idea for Alabama? 


I am here to do anything to help! Let's do this!

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Facebook page can't hurt! And contacting all the people on the committee in the earlier link. I am doing this, it the more people from all around the state that do it the better I would think.
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I live south of the Birmingham area and would love for this Bill to get passed. I am more than willing to contact/write a letter!  I looked at the link of Chairpersons, but I'm not sure who to contact. Can anyone help me with this?

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More about the Alabama Cottage food laws -


What you can do to start an a cottage food movement




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Ladies, I just talked with Sen. Glover's assistant a length on the phone. He has not said anything to her yet about trying to bring back this Bill. She is going to talk to him and call me back. Bottom line about last year was 2 things. 1) she said there was not enough support backing this Bill, meaning not enough calls and letters. It seemed like the people didn't want it bad enough. 2) she said there was someone or some committee that was against it. She couldn’t remember who or which but someone was not for it. She is going to talk to Sen. Glover but she strongly suggested I contact my local Senator and try to get him to support the Bill. I encourage you all to call your local senators and stress the importance of this Bill. I asked her how we go about raising the income limit and she said it just has to be proposed as an amendment to the bill. So in talking to your senators, tell them 5K is not enough!


There are states getting this law every year, let’s make it the year of Alabama! I will let you all know what she says when she calls back. I do think a Facebook page will be the best and fastest way to reach people to get support on this bill. I know there are a ton of bakers in AL that want this!

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And just to practice what I have just asked you all to do, I just called Senator Sanford's office (Huntsville) expressing my support in getting this Bill reintroduced as well as raising the income limit! I hope to know more soon!


You can find the list of Alabama Senators here. Just search on your zip code on the left!

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Well, I just contacted my representative and my senator. I am not sure how to do the Facebook page, but I will sign it and share it if someone can get it up and going. We can do this!!!
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Hey Ladies! Good news to share! I got off the phone with Sen Glover's assistant and she informed me that he WILL be reintroducing the bill this year! BUT, not at first. He wants to find out why and who stopped the bill from going any further last year. It turns out the Mobile article was WRONG about the $ cap. The limit was actually $50K! Not $5K. He is thinking someone didn't like that and they are going to lower it some. He wants to make sure it is written in such a way that is will go through for sure this year! YAY!


SO, she asked me what was a good amount? I didn't know really, so I said $20-$30K. Is that enough?? What do you ladies suggest??


She told me to call her back at the end of Feb and she could give me an update. She said right now there isn't anything I can do in support but after I talk to her in Feb it will be time to start calling and writing letters! We are within reach again! :)

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So, Senator Holley's office just called me and said there is still no food industry bill yet to be filed in the house or the senate. I think we are on limited time if there is to be movement on the issue in this session.
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Libi, I think that's what Sen. Glover's assistant was explaining. Before he puts the bill back out there he wants to figure out what killed it last year to make changes to make sure it passes. Lets not give up hope yet!!
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No indeed. We can make this happen.
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Maybe an online petition? I just don`t know how to start it???????????
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