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Suggestions for Minnie Mouse ears??

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I'm baking a Minnie Mouse themed cake for a co-workers little girl. I was hoping to get some suggestions as to what I can use for the I use styrofoam covered in fondant? I'm not certain what I can use and would appreciate some feedback. Also, the bow at the top: will it be ok if I shape it out of fondant? I'm concerned about it holding it's shape since the birthday party will be at a park. The last thing I need is it melting or losing it's shape. I'll attach a picture for reference as to what I'm talking about
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I'm not sure but maybe rice krispy treats covered in black fondant would work. Might be too heavy, not entirely sure but just a suggestion icon_smile.gif
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Oh, more thing...any suggestions for keeping the little bows and flowers from sliding down??
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Hmm...thank u...yea, not sure about the weight either but it's worth a shot icon_smile.gif
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the ears to me look like black flat rolled out fondant cut out into circles, with a bow in front.

the bows will stick if the mickey behind them is fondant, just use a little water to make stick
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If you just rolled out the fondant (gumpaste) and and used a circle cutter then let it dry on something like a bowl (to give it a slight curve), it should work. I might even make the base a bit thicker so you can insert a couple dowels ( I use uncooked spaghetti) so you can stick them right into the top of the cake. I would do the same (spaghetti dowels) with the bows on the side. The flowers you should be able to just attach with either fondant glue or water.
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This feedback is much appreciated icon_smile.gif
Thank you!
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You can also used melted chocolate to glue fondant ears to dowels. Of course, it would be visible from the back but you could make the ears thinner.
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I made my Minnie hat and ears both out of black candy melts - but dark chocolate I think would work too. I molded the hat in the half ball pan, and used circle cutters to make the ears, then I used another circle cutter to cut a little portion off of each ear. Once they were all hard, I used some more melted candy to attach the ears to the hat. It worked beautifully and was the first thing to get eaten.

I had been planning on using fondant, but I really loved the way the candy came out. Good luck, whatever you decide to do!
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I made a cake like this recently and used a chocolate cookie for the ears. Like a sugar cookie but chocolate dough. Then I didn't have to wait for fondant to dry. (Also the person getting the cake didn't want fondant so we went that route). Then I just sliced a spot for each ear and stuck them down in the cake. Just an idea!
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Just made a mickey mouse cake. for the ears I cutted the 3" cake boards and covered them w/choc mmf. I know they were,t edible but sure cute, straigth and heat proof. I told the custmer that everthing was edible but the board and the ears. They were happy!
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For the ears I would cut them out of foamcore and cover in fondant.   Make sure to put a drop of water on the foancore before covering so fondant sticks.  Also decide where your skewers will go in the ears to adhere to cake.


Bow - mix fondant with a little gimtex.  It will make the bow more firm.  Make your bow way ahead of time to give time to dry.


Flowers and little bows - attach with royal icing or candy melts

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I make these cakes a lot. If you do not need the hat and just the ears use fondant or gumpaste cut thick. Insert a popsicle stick halfway in and pinch the edges of the ears to make them appear thinner.  Make sure you let the ears dry completely on a flat surface (cornstarch the sides so they don't stick). The sticks let the ears be inserted into the top of the cake. I usually make mine out of white fondant and paint them black once they are dry. I do this because black fondant is usually not as stiff as white and will take longer to dry. Also, when you paint the ears it comes out nice and shiny.  


Make the bow the same day you make the ears so there will be plenty of dry time. simply set the bow on top of the cake in front of the ears when decorating. The bow should not need secured to the cake and can be set on top after delivery if needed. if you really want to make sure its on there attach it with gum glue or water to the top of the cake. The water or gum glue will also prevent the items from sliding down the side of the cake (if you are covering the entire cake in fondant). 


Good Luck thumbs_up.gif

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I just made a Fantasia cake for my little boy and used modeling chocolate for the ears. :) I rolled it thick enough to stick a couple toothpicks through each ear on the sides and also used melted chocolate to attach them to the cake as an extra precaution. It worked really well, they didn't budge! :) I made this cake for my little guy's 4th birthday. The hat is cake covered in mmf, ears are modeling chocolate, bubbles and wood panels are also mmf.

Let's eat grandma. Let's eat, grandma. Punctuation saves lives.
Let's eat grandma. Let's eat, grandma. Punctuation saves lives.
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Hi there! Make it all in fondant!! if you want to have something to hold the hears tha's eatable, use crakers !! We've done it on a mickey's house, and it work like a charm! ;)

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