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And then she just up and put her business link on two of my most recent wedding cakes.
I'm a bit surprised.
Shouldn't she have asked first to do that?
I'm a hobby baker and I don't just cook for whoever wants to call me.
I don't hand out cards and I don't 'cake' every weekend.
Still have many young children in my house and I really want them to have memories of me when I wasn't in the kitchen. Laughing

What would you guys do?

Well the first thing I would've done would not be to give a stranger carte blanche access to my personal Facebook page. That said, my next move would have been to adjust my security settings to disallow access to all your photos and disallow her ability to be able to tag them.

The lady sounds as though she was trying to be helpful. Your page did not give any indication you are a hobbyist or an exclusive one at that so another thing I would have done would be to make those points specific so that readers would know what you are about. Net ettiquette goes both ways.

At the end of the day you can discreetly delete the links she placed on your page and put her on a restricted list (security settings) and then no one is offended.