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I picked up my first KA at an estate auction. I paid $12 for a very old mixer -somehing from the early 40's. (This was in the late 60's.) I used it for close to 8 years until I got my new one. That one is still going strong even though it is now about 34 years old. The only problem I have had with it is that the paint/coating started to flake off the beater so I had to buy a new one.

Interestingly, I gave my old estate sale mixer -which still worked well- to a friend who used it heavily for almost 5 years before it it had to be trashed.
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I'm a beginner in cake decorating and have been in the market for a stand mixer. There is a great deal going on right now on the KA 4.5 qrt stand mixer that would save me some bucks. Here's the deal - having a sale on the KA and marked it down to $229.99.


Using the Kohl's Charge 30% discount plus for every $50 spent get $10 cash back and there is $30 Rebated from Kitchen Aid if you purchase this model before 3/12. So that should come down to approximately $110.


Hope that helps.

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Go kitchen aid.  And never look back.  It will change your baking life and they are beautiful!


I bought a ksm90 off Craigslist and got screwed by the gal selling it.  She claimed it was nearly new and low and behold it was 11 years old and riddled with motor problems.  It died on me a few months into having it.   There is a special place somewhere hot for Craigslist liars and cheats!


My second is a pro series from Costco.  It was 300 but Costco offered a 50 dollar off coupon AND kitchen aid had a rebate of 50 at the time.  (Total cost was 200 plus CA sales tax) My 5.5 qt mixer cost as much as a 4.5 qt mixer at wal mart when all was said and done AND it is backed by the Costco customer satisfaction policy.  


Oh and when my hubby was researching them for me (it was a Christmas gift) He was told by kitchenaid that they ARE still manufactured in the US.  (At least as of 2012)   They also sell refurbished mixers at a discounted rate with warranties from their website (a way to get a bigger model for less money)


good luck with the choice, hope you find your dream mixer soon!

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