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I live in the country in Oregon, so there are lots of trees here. My husband made me a pedistal using wood he cut. Its not as easy as people think to get them level, or the bark will fall off, so he cut several and got some to work. It looked cool, but time consuming. so I can see why they can be expensive to buy. Funny what people ask for, and expect you to provide it.
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But... but... aren't caking and lumberjacking practically the same thing?!

(I have no idea if lumberjacking is a word. If it wasn't before, it is now icon_lol.gif )
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I am SO spoiled. I have two and rent them out regularly. AND I asked hubby to make one a 16" and asked him to figure out how to make it as light as possible. So he cut two rounds of flat wood and glued them to a 16" styro cake dummy. THEN he soaked big chunks of bark in water over night then put it in a clamp to dry and set in shape then glued them to the sides of the plateau. VERY popular in New Hampshire. Brilliant husband. Oh and yes it's not easy leveling it. He had to pass a saw over it several times in small increments until it was level. As it dries it cracks even if you drill a hole in the center - has to dry VERY slowly.
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