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icing or frosting for a Tres Leche cake

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I have a request for a tres leche cake but I've never had one so I was wondering if any one that is familiar with the cake could suggest a frosting that I could decorate with that wouldn't be to overpowering for the cake.

Thank you so much for any help and suggestions
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I made tres leche cupcakes recently and I just used buttercream mixed with tres leche syrup for the filling. Then I just used plain buttercream on the top. It was good. If you don't want to mix it I'm sure you could just get the caramel loran flavoiring and add it to the buttercream. I hope that helps
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Tres Leches Cake is usually covered with whipped topping. IMO if u use buttecream it will take from the cake but some make like it. You want to make sure you can taste the leches in the cake.
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I use SMBC for mine, nice and light. Traditionally it's whipped cram, I think, but that limits your decoration options.
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i have normally had them with a whipped cream topping. But I think that SMBC or IMBC with a very light flavor would be a good option. I think that an ABC would be too sweet.
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I make them quite often. I use Frostin Pride non dairy frosting or Buttercream. I was planning on trying Swiss Meringue buttercream for one tomorrow. Tres Leches is three milks it doesn't have caramel added to it. You could add it if you wanted to but a traditional tres leches has the three milks, whipped cream frosting and topped with fresh fruit. The lady that orders them from me likes a tres leches that's not soggy with a vanilla mousse filling and butter cream frosting. I also add a little coconut extract or coconut candy oil to the milks. The first time I did this her mother told her that I did something to make the cake special so I have stuck with using coconut flavoring.
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