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SMBC ? hard to spread

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I made some SMBC today. Everything did fine except it was too hard to spread. Like it needed liquid. Here is the recipe I used:
6.25 oz egg white
7 oz sugar
pinch of salt
1 lb. unsalted butter
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I can give you the recipe I use, I don't think your recipe had enough sugar perhaps?

8oz egg whites
1.5 cups granulated sugar (12oz)
1lb unsalted butter. room temperature, cut into pieces
2tsp vanilla

whisk egg whites and sugar in a glass or stainless steel bowl over a pot of boiling water(don't let it touch the boiling water) until white feel warm to the touch (110F) and no grain of sugar can be felt.

pour mixture in a mixer bowl, using a whisk beat on high until back to room temperature. When meringue is fluffy, thorw in the room temperature butter, pieces at a time.
keep whisking until silky.

If it's too cottage cheese like, keep beating, it will come together.

If icing looks soupy, the butter was added too soon. cool the bowl down while mixing by holding an ice bag to the side.
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Wow, that looks like my recipe. Do you mind saying where you got it? Just curious!

SMBC is different then AMB when putting it on the cake. If you got that recipe from my blog I have a separate post on how to work with it. No matter the recipe of SMBC, you don't add liquid to change consistency, you manipulate temperature and getting it smooth is a completely different technique - you don't use rollers, paper towels and all that other jazz.!

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I did get the recipe from your blog. I went back to read about how to put it on the cake. Thanks. I was using a strawberry filling between the layers. I piped a dam 1/4 in inside the edge of the cake and then filled it. The SMBC piped great. It just seemed really hard to spread. Almost to the point of moving the whole \\cake layer as I was trying to smooth it> Any suggestions would really help. I love this taste of this recipe.
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Can you be more specific with saying it's hard to spread? What is it doing?
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Maybe it was too cold. Not so cold to separate, but cold enough to give you fits.Try warming the whole thing up a few degrees and see what happens.
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It was kinda like trying to spread cold butter on bread. not as bad but definely not silky smooth.
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It sounds way too cold. Did you refrigerate it or something? At room temperature it should be a thick, smooth whipped cream.
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No I did not refrigerate it. Could it be the egg whites were not stiff enough. They did stand in peaks but maybe not stiff enough?
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this is where i got fromscratchsf smbc recipe . Haven,t tried her recipe yet, but i do make smbc. Love it!!!
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I use the 1-2-3 SMBC recipe from youtube. Works wonderfully and spreads very nicely.
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Even if the whites weren't whipped enough (should be stiff peaks) and you end up with a denser product than usual, at 70 degrees it should move like butter at 70 degrees.
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I make more IMBC, FBC and GBC than SMBC, but I have a tip for all of them.

If your buttercream seems to stiff, you can use the energy generated by your mixer to supply subtle heat (through work) that can be controlled by how long you mix it. This will work unless your kitchen is extremely cold. I just use a medium speed and leave it alone until it feels right.

I try to make my buttercream just before I frost because I like the consistency of the just made buttercream. But on occasions where you must make it in advance, this method always works for me.
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