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Freezing Decorated Cakes

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Can you freeze a decorated cake with a fruit filling? If so, how long after it thaws does it need to be eaten? Thanks!!! Jamie icon_lol.gif
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What icing? Generally yes, but most people don't recommend fzing fondant covered cakes.
As to how long it will take to thaw, that depends on the size of the cake = the bigger the longer but generally about 3 or 4 hours.
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Kakeladi thank you so much for your help! It will be a chocolate fondant. After it thaws can I wait a few days until I serve it? I have to travel with this cake for a wedding shower in my home state. I want to make my cake at my house and freeze it then just bring it with me so I don't have to bake and decorate "on the road". I will be leaving on Thursday but won't be serving the cake until Sunday afternoon. Will it be ok in the fridge until then (I'm sure it will thaw in the car on the car ride)? Thanks! icon_biggrin.gif
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How long is the car ride?, I'm concerned that with the heat in the car and the fruit filling, even initially frozen, it may effect the quality of the filling.
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It's 6-7 hours depending on how many times we have to stop for my little girl. I planned on putting it in a cooler with ice packes. Will this help? If not, any suggestions?
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I know you can freeze a decorated cake but I have the same scenario coming up in June...could you let me know how things go I personally think it will be ok just put in fridge when you get to your destination
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It should be ok with the ice packs, let us know how it goes, good luck
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In my experience, cakes with strawberrys tend to take longer to thaw. I did a cake last summer for a client that I froze ahead of time, because she was going to be driving it in the car for 3 hours without a cooler (was a 3 tier cake). She said that they still didn't eat the cake for a few hours, so it had been 6+ hours before they atarted to cut. The tier with the strawberries was STILL partially frozen. If I remember sorrectly iit was a 10 or 12 inch round. Hope that helps icon_smile.gif
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thank you all sooooo very much for all the advice! I will let you all know how it goes when I get back in town on Mrach 12th. icon_biggrin.gif
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I have actually frozen cakes covered in fondant and they come out as perfect and fresh as when they were originally done. My only hitch was that the cake went to a very hot, humid place and it sweated. I have driven with cakes 3-4 hours, although the heat was kept off in the vehicle. I boxed it up and put it in a cooler.
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You'll get some sweating regardless of buttercream or fondant. Trick is to let it get finished sweating before putting it out for display.
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Good to know. I found putting in the fridge for a couple days to thaw works well!
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You can also pack the cake is a larger box/cooler with dry ice. That usually will keep it frozen for the 6-7 hour ride.
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