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help with 40th Anniversary Cake

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I have a request for a 40th Anniversary cake that has me stumped.
They want a 12" x 18" sheet cake. Here is the problem....They requested that under the names I put a picture of a fish for the man and a hummingbird for the woman.

I am clueless as to how to decorate this cake, and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I only have three days to come up with a design.
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Do they want a fondant or buttercream cake? Are there any other details they gave you like how they wanted the fish and hummingbird, or what it's going to be made out of? Is it just a picture-like design (flat) or do they want 3D?

If you can provide more details I'm sure someone will be able to help you out icon_smile.gif
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The cake is all buttercream, and the pictures are flat. Nothing intricate.
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I am guessing these are pet names?

Is there a cartoony way you could draw them up like a couple? Or maybe have the fish poking his head out of a pond to look at the humming bird?

Reminds me of a saying.... A bird may love a fish but where will they build a home together?
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Great ideas.
Here''s what I came up with.....I made an edible image with cartoons of a fish coming out of the water looking up at the hummingbird with hearts coming out of the fish's mouth leading to the hummingbird. I put their manes under the pictures, added some clouds and waves and a sun.
When I make the cake, I'll post a picture. I'll add something red on the cake for the 40th anniversary.
Thanks for the help!
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