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I am making a cake for a church anniversary...... she wants a sheet cake for the base, with a 3D church sitting on top....... She was at a wedding shower where I made a similar cake, and used the Wilton "HOUSE CAKE" pan...... She would like the house turned into a church, but larger than what I put on the other cake. Now to the question........... have any of you used TWO of the house pan cakes back to back to make a larger structure, and if so....... how did you connect them so that they didn't come apart and fall over.........hummmmm what to do.....what to do........
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Yikes, that is a tough one. If it were me, I would do the house in RKTs. Just pack the RKTs in the cake pans or do it in a square pan and carve it. To me that would be easier (and stronger).

Good luck!
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Two house pans back to back is the ONLY way I'll use the house pan. One cake is too unstable.

The trick is to level the backs and bottoms of the cakes so they'll fit snugly together. I just use bc in between.

When the house is on top of another cake, I drive one dowel through each side of the house into the base board.
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I've done three house cakes together, standing up. Just dowel it good and it will be fine. The cake traveled during rush hour as my hubby delivered it and during even rush as the client took it home. It stood up perfectly.
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Diane, that is a CUTE cake!
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Thanks, Annie! I've made three versions of that cake. Lots of house pan use. icon_smile.gif
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Dianne ... THANK YOU !! I usually get a notice that someone answered my post, but I didn't this time...... I'm sooo happy I checked again...... I LOVE your little barn... I will give it a try.... thanks again........
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