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I'm surprised at how many PP have a negative reaction, actually! Navy fondant with lilac and calla lily accents sounds beautiful to me. But then, I just like strong color -- the uber traditional white bridal stuff bores me to tears, and my own wedding colors were forest green and navy blue. icon_smile.gif (My cake, I grant you, just had ribbons and piping in those colors, on an un-colored bc base, but the design was pretty modern for the time.)

The only thing about this bride's order that I personally find horrifying is the idea that she *wants* cake smashed in her face. Ugh. Given that, I suppose that warning her about the potential for stains is a good idea, but...ugh!

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Originally Posted by Foxicakes

Sometimes I think that we, as designers get "stuck" in our own head a little...I am doing a home theater design (not my normal job--partner owns a "Smart home" / Home Theater business and the couple didn't have anyone to design it for them, hence, I was asked to do it) for a couple who have completely the opposite taste as mine!! And when the guy sent e a photo of the color scheme he wanted to work from, that in addition to the type of design, I thought that I was going to scream!! and that there would be no way I could pull this off. But then my partner reminded me that this was THEIR theater, not OUR theater and it opened my mind up to all of the possibilities. Now, I'm having a ball working on this project!! And cant wait for the client's to see the final product of "my" work!!
Also, to help a little...I had one of the top designers in the area tell me that the BEST designers are the ones that can pull off ANY style and make it look as if they loved doing it. Even if they hated it.

Totally agree thumbs_up.gif
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I agree with the using a blue fondant(as close to navy as you can get) and then airbrushing the entire cake with a dark navy blue to get the color she actually wants. I would contact the maker of the cake in the photo above and see how they got their color so flawless. It's beautiful!!

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