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Originally Posted by scp1127

...By the way, for kid or teen parties, the chocolate covered Cakesters (mold at Spinning Leaf) are always the favorites. Next are covered Twinkies.

Scp1127~~I have quite a few of the Spinning Leaf cookie molds. (I've found using the standard mold and putting a separate chocolate decoration on top works best.) How do you fit a cakester into one of these molds? I imagine it is not easy. I'm visualizing a tiny, thin layer of cake, smear of filling, and another tiny, thin layer of cake inside the mold. That sounds like a LOT of picky work. Do you just make MINI whoopie pies for the Spinning Leaf molds? Do you have to "smash" them flatter to fit?

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Apti, it's simple... they have a mold for the cakesters. No, I'm not too creative.

Now for the hard part... I can't find it. Last time we all looked, it was buried on their site and someone found it. I went to that thread and it shows that the page has been removed.

So can someone out there find it again? I can't, I looked.
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We should call it the "snipe" cookie mold! I found it! Right after I'd sent an email asking about it (couldn't find it either), I tried the word "big" in the search box.

Wah Lah! There it is!

Here's the NEW link:

# Product: BCK-1
# Cavities: Four
# Cavity Size: 2.375" x 2.375" x 1.125"
# Plastic: Thick 1/16" Clear PETG

scp1127--do you find your "custom, scratch whoopies" fit in here ok, or do you just use the regular Oreo Cakesters from the store?

Thanks for your help, CC'ers!
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Hi scp1127, Thanks for the red velvet recipe and the changes you made. I will be trying this one in a few weeks.
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