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That one is easy, LOL. "Thank you for your inquiry, unfortunately that date has already been booked. Sorry, I could not be more help. Once again thank you for your interest."
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If I were you I would say "no, i'm sorry but I am booked"...

That is what I do not understand about these people,, just because they are on a tight budget, they expect you to feel sorry for them.. I think it is very pathetic, they know they cannot afford it, but they force it upon other people to sympathize with them, hoping that they will get it for free. As if you get all your ingredients for free and have the elves do all the work , baking and all for free while you sleep.. If they cannot afford a wedding cake now, how much more later when they have babies..

These people are "FREE LOADERS" in disguise..

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Originally Posted by KarolynAndrea

Just got an email from a bride. She told me her baker just cancelled on her for her April 28th wedding cake. Then she told me she needs a cake to feed 130 people and the other baker quoted her $150 and since she is on a budget, she can't really wiggle on the price.
Really?!? Why do people do this? I don't go to Chanel and say, "Ya know, I saw a similar bag at Walmart and it is only $20 there."
Does anyone else get this and what do you say?

Dear bride,

I'm also on (my) budget. For $150 I can supply a beautiful stand for your cake which you'll have to order elsewhere.

Best regards icon_lol.gif

Fortunately I'm not getting this.
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