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Artsy paint look

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Hello everyone!

How would you go about creating this look. I don't have access to candy melts where I live.. I was thinking about using melted white chocolate dyed with paste colours... pipe it onto cake..?

(image source:

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What about thinned Royal Icing? Might work too.
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yes that might work too.. i'm just worried about it looking too dry and brittle? i love the wet look of the paint... how to go about it?
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I would color white almond bark and put it in squeeze bottles. It will have a shine when it dries.
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That's an interesting cake, so creative!
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jgifford, why white almond bark? i'm afraid i can't find that where i live... it looks like it's made out of white chocolate?
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Because it's relatively inexpensive and very forgiving. And it take colors well. It's like white chocolate although I don't think there's much actual chocolate in it. Think of a cross between white chocolate and candy melts. You can find it at Wal Mart or most supermarkets.

You could even use Hershey's vanilla chips - - just add a tablespoon of butter when you melt them and add whatever colors you want. I would advise using the candy colors since they're oil based, but you could probably get by with regular colors since you won't need that much to drizzle on the cake.
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I think I would do it with cookie glace. It dries with a shine and isn't rock hard.
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I think the squeeze bottle is a genius idea rather than piping because you can make it look drippy and messy like splattered paint.
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Different colored candy melts.
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