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Need a new mixer?

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Just wanted to share that I found a great deal on the Kitchen Aide Pro 600 Series 6 qt mixer today. Normally $500, I got it for $279 plus free shipping on Amazon today. It's just the silver one though, not the cinammon gloss one. icon_smile.gif
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Thank you for sharing. Sometimes you can find great deals on KA mixer in Amazon. I already bought 2 pro 600...
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How do you like them? I was reading the reviews and most were good, but there were alot of bad reviews too about the motor burning out quickly. But I was thinking that was maybe from thicker doughs, like bread. I'll just be making cake and cookies. icon_smile.gif
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I bought my first pro 600 5 years ago, I used it mostly for frosting, and a little cake mixing and cookies. but last year it started to fail, the speed would go crazy, even set on #4 it would go very fast and the motor would overheat and the mixer would turn off. I think it was due to lots of powdered sugar flying in the air. But in December I changed the speed control electronic board and the sensor and it is working just fine. I bought the replacement parts also in Amazon.
And since I have an old KA 4.5 qt mixer (12 years) I decided to retire her and bought my second pro 600, the empire red was about $240.-
I really love them, I couldn't bake without them. Maybe some of the bad reviews are from people who don't know how to operate the mixers.
Good luck with yours!! thumbs_up.gif
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Cookie dough seems to be harder on the machine than bread dough. Maybe because my bread recipe is smaller (4 cups flour) than my cookie recipe (6 cups).
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