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Poll Results: Would you charge significantly more (twice, thrice per serving price) to clients who would pay anything you ask?

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I wouldn't put it quite that way - I would charge more simply because I am always "working out deals" and giving discounts to the majority of my clients for varoius reasons, so if I knew someone was willing to pay whatever I asked, I would simply charge FULL PRICE, not overcharge them. That does not seem unethical to me. People are always coming to me and asking how I can do a great cake for them on a tight budget, and I try to work with them within reason (scaling down the design or the size a bit so I can do it for less). So it would be nice for once to be able to say, unflinchingly, the price is X dollars and feel really confident that they can manage that. Or to be able to really go all out with a design idea and not have to scale it back for budget reasons.

When I was really new to this, I once lost a cake order because I charged too little. The client thought I must not be as good as my competitor, so she went with them instead. Lesson learned!
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scp, I would not try, just simply quote the same price as for anyone else. The funny thing is they even don't ask about the price, we agree about all the details, then I have to ask:

'Would you like to know the final price of your cake?
'...yeah,.... ok' (can't care less)

These people are different from those you may know. They are the 'new rich' and you are right to say that people spend the money the same way they earned them - let's say everybody knows how these people got their money. These are the same people that 30 years ago drove at full gas their tanks in woods of my country, lived in horrible block of flats gluing newspapers on the window panes instead of using curtains, exchanging caviar for bad quality jeans etc. etc. I know them very well - their mentality, habits (eating habits - that's handy now), taste, style of thinking, culture, language.

I'm mostly interested in decorating as I'm already a good baker and what I was thinking was as ChristaBaker said: 'it would be nice ... to be able to really go all out with a design idea and not have to scale it back for budget reasons'. Here the families are really small, even the parties are smallish - usually not more than 20 people, 30 serving is considered quite a lot. The average wedding cake is 40 servings and 'standard' icon_lol.gif budget for that is around $ 500 - 550. You can consider yourself lucky if you get one wedding cake a month. It's not so much a question of budget, people just don't need massive cakes. So it would be nice to have the possibility of designing and making something without being always limited by servings number as these 'new rich' don't mind having 50 servings left at all, just want a good looking and great tasting cake.

I would really prefer (and I suppose everybody) to make 5 very detailed cakes a month and earn the same money to making 15 smaller, less detailed for the same money. Let's see how it goes, wish me luck! Anyway, I'd never give higher price 'just because' to anybody - I've got the same thing many times. Are you a woman and calling the electrician because all the lights suddenly stopped working? Be ready they will quote you double just because you are woman (and you supposedly don't understand anything about it icon_lol.gif). The same will happen if you give 'wrong' ZIP code - in this case means 'warning, warning: rich zone client! up the prices!! Seems like this works in the same manner everywhere.
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? I'm not understanding your post.
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