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If I had any recipes someone would want, I certainly would give them out. Just because they have the recipe, doesn't mean it will come out just like mine.

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If the recipe is widely available, I tell them. I don't give them the recipe but I'll say, "It's Confetti Cakes' recipe" or something like that.

If it's based off a widely available recipe I'll say, "It's a tweaked version of Confetti Cakes' recipe."

If it's a recipe I've gotten from someone and cannot share I'll say, "I was given the recipe with strict instructions to share it with no one. However, another really good recipe is Confetti Cakes'. I think you'll really like it."

I don't have any recipes that I feel are truly my own, just tweaked versions of other recipes, so I don't have a response for that. If I did, I suppose I would say, "Thanks so much for the compliment. I wish I could give you the recipe, but it's my secret recipe. Have you tried Confetti Cakes' recipe? It's quite good, too."

I don't get too freaked out about it. After all, if someone could bake and decorate like I do, they wouldn't be my customer. Additionally, my cakes are usually for those occasions where the host, even they could do it, do not have the time to do so because they've got the rest of the event to plan and execute.

Overall, I try to make the conversation one where the asker goes away with enough of an answer to be satisfied without doing harm to my business.
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I'd like to point out that many of us purchase and use recipes from some of the most successful bakeries in the country. They can have a cookbook on the bestseller list for a year and it only increases their business. Not one of these bakeries has suffered for sharing their recipes. And you can be sure that their competitors are the first to order the book.

This is proof of how goodwill only helps a business. Sharing recipes hasn't hurt anyone. I am "business friends" with many of my competitors and we refer to each other all the time. We know each others' strengths and many time talk generally about recipes. We don't share, but established businesses in close proximity don't want to sell the same product. I'm sure that is true everywhere.
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