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Storing fondant decorations

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Has anyone rolled out and created fondant tops for cookies weeks or months in advance? I'm wondering about storing the fondant decorations in airtight containers and then placing them on hot cookies later on, to adhere them. Any tips on preparing fondant in advance and storing it? Thanks!!
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I,ve not done this, but have read on here , that others do.
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I'd like to know too. Hoping someone here can answer that for you.
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I think this would be an issue as fondant tends to droop and sweat when sealed in airtight containers. I will admit I haven't frozen fondant covered cookies though if that was your way of storing them.
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If you aren't making decorations that need to hold any kind of shape, you can make them way ahead of time and store in airtight containers. They don't need to be frozen, and keeping them sealed will also keep them fairly soft so they'll still adhere to hot cookies. thumbs_up.gif
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I commissioned some absolutely exquisite painted fondant cookie toppers from Jenni Price Illustration. They were made a few weeks ahead of time, and were shipped to me. They were perfect. Easy to put on the cookies with a dab of corn syrup, and the kids couldn't get enough of them.


Of course, if it has sugar, my kids will eat it. icon_wink.gif

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