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Need help making bright purple MMF.

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Can some one tell me which type, brand and color to buy to make a bright purple MMF? My purple just looks dull and ugly - I have tried multiple brands and colors but it never comes out right. I am trying to make a bright purple like athletic teams wear. Plus I have had problems with it looking okay when it is made then turning grey-ish!
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Hi Jamie,
Purple is a tricky colour to get to stay true... you may need to try using a pre-coloured fondant over the MMF...

Shan... icon_smile.gif
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So glad you asked this question. Have never been able to achieve the bright purple I see on some of the cakes on cc.
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What brand of store bought fondant would you suggest? I have never bought fondant because I have heard that most people don't like the taste.
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I bought Fondarific grape thinking that was the color. It was, but it was also the flavor. lol

I just ordered Chefmaster no fade purple from Amazon. The shipping was high, in my opinion. I purchased 2 bottles of that and 2 bottles of no fade pink because the shipping costs for more bottles wasn't a lot.

As far as altering the coloring you have, purple (to my understanding) is made up of red and blue. You add one of the those colors to alter the color of purple coloring that you have right now.
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Satin Ice... it is YUM and they have awesome colours!
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I hear you; purple is tricky (but FUN). Here's a photo of a cake featuring some purple fondant I made from scratch (there's a link to the recipe if you scroll down in the post).
I colored this purple fondant (and all the other colors except yellow) with the Duff Goldman Electric Colors kit, which you can find at Michael's (for the yellow I used Ateco Electric Yellow Gel Color). I like adding a shot of those neon colors to anything that needs to be brightened up a bit.
Good luck to you!
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Thanks for the advice! I think I will buy the Satin Ice - Plus keep some of Duff's colors on hand!
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Satin Ice holds up in the humidity well too... I am in Australia and we have been having so much rain lately... Satin Ice has held up beautifuly... I made it into a gumpaste with my tylose to make some shoes and they are dry even in this weather we are having here.

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