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WHERE is my magazine subscription!!!  

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I want to know where my subscription is!! I've emailed Cake Central numerous times asking what happened to my magazine subscription, which was a Christmas gift to me from my husband in 2010! It is now 2012 and I haven't heard from anyone, no one has responded to any of my emails regarding this issue, and its been well over a year since the order was placed!!! I check my spam box regularly so no, it didn't go there. VERY FRUSTRATING when you pay for something, you don't receive the product you pay for and you get no customer service whatsoever. I hate to post this publicly, but I don't know how else to bring attention to this. icon_mad.gif
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I recieved an email recently about my subscription. If you go into forums here on CC, under Cake central magazine section and look at the 1st Announcement you will see the exact email I recieved stating they are no longer going to print a magazine, only put it out in PDF format. It also has a link to decide to go with this or to cancel and get your money back. HTH, Good luck.
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Hi CakeMommie, I got an email not long ago from Cake Central stating that they will no longer be printing the magazine. If I wanted to keep my subscription I have to download the magazine on the computer or I had the option of getting a refund. I opted to keep my subscription but it's a shame it can't be printed as I loved flicking through the magazine. Hope this helps mate. icon_smile.gif
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Thanks for your input, but we're talking about a timeline of well over a year ago, not this new PDF "magazine" they are switching to. We signed up shortly after the magazine originally came out.
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We all signed up to receive hard copies of the magazine, not PDF. They issued the PDF's to try and accommodate the fact that they could not complete the hard copy magazines to send to people. I decided to cancel my subscription due to the fact that the PDF versions were not sufficient for me, I personally like the hard copies.

They did send out emails to people and Heath has explained that due to email bounce backs some people did not receive the email- so they also posted an announcement on this website. Here is the link to that message:
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All right, I'll give the magazine a try on the iPad... lets see if it gets to me.
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