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I've found a few of my cakes on other websites and so have started " branding" my cake pictures with my business name and website address.
This way, if they are used, the source remains on them.
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Oh good Lord,
Just googled my first pic and it came up on some bakeries website in Holland, Michigan....argghhhhh
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Well, now I feel bad. I've searched for my three best photos, and no-one has stolen them! icon_biggrin.gif
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I only googled the ones that did not have my watermark on them, and several came up. Some were on out of country websites, so I decided to let them go. Several were in photoalbums on Facebook and other bakeries' sites, all got a polite e-mail. We'll see what happens there. Hopefully it won't have to get nasty the way it did last time this happened. Overwhelming amount of pictures I found on all kinds of blogs, none credited me or linked back to my site, but none of them seemed to be bakery oriented, more of a party planning kinds of things. I'm not sure what to do about them. They did use my pics without permission but they are not misrepresenting them like some others. icon_sad.gif
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While stolen photos do irk me a bit, I really feel like the thieves will dig their own graves when they can't duplicate what they show. What annoys me most is when someone cuts and pastes verbiage from my website, There have been quite a few instances where my wording is copied verbatim (right down to pricing) and quite a few others where is it just slightly changed. I spent countless hours researching and creating a business plan and writing my website content with a consultant. I have to wonder how those thieves know that my format will work for them (i.e. profit margin can greatly vary depending on your vendors).

I traced more than a few back to CC, so I did take my website link off of here for a while, but I just decided that the few thieves aren't worth it. Though, you can bet I send emails both to them and their webmaster.

If any of you who have had photos stolen have unique verbiage on your site, you may want to check that as well.
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Sorry for the question but... How can I google of find out if my photos has been stolen by somenone???
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