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baking cake

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I,d like to ask ladies who have experience with cake baking for business.

I do bake in my home oven , small but works good , I,d like to ask id your cake 6 inch pan with 3 inch hieght will take around 2 hours to bake in 325 , with baking strips I know it will take very long but almost 2 hours to bake 6 inch cake its too long to me , I want t speed up my production but i dont know how , when i bake 350 the cake get burn from the top with hard edges

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It takes 45 to a little over an hour for me to bake a 8x3 in round, in a 325 oven with a bake even strip.

Are you sure your oven is at the right temp?
My Weight Loss Support Group is The Chunky Monkeys!
My Weight Loss Support Group is The Chunky Monkeys!
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Yes texas sugar Im sure its set to 325 , 45 to 60 min its reasonale for 8 inch cake , what oven do you use
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Not understanding you:

You say a 6x3 cake takes two hours, but agree that an 8x3 should be done in under an hour.

Something isn't right.

I think Texas is suggesting that you test the temperature of your oven with an oven thermometer. We assume you are setting the oven to 325F. But have you actually checked to see that the temperature inside is 325F? If it is taking you two hours to bake that cake, the temperature is off.
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I agreed with texas about the time baaking for 8inch is reasonable , in my oven 8 inch take about 3 hours to be ready , i will try your sugesstion with the oven temprature test and I will inform u
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Ok the technician came to check the problem and he couldnt figure it out

So I am going to buy new oven , I didnt find countertop deck oven , but I saw pizza oven countertop , is this suitable for baking cake s
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What kind of oven do you have now? You're not using a countertop oven like that, are you? Is it a regular home oven or something small?
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Yesmy home oven is normal. One its too small and i think the problem of long baking will not be solved , so I am considering buying countertop oven because of little space I have .
what i found in the market is pizza oven as posted in my previous post

So any advice , can pizza oven be suitable for baking cakes
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this is the photo of what i ask , doesthe bottom heat will burn the cake ??
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If the bottom burns the cake too fast, you can try putting the cake pan on top of a baking tray to keep the bottom from heating up too fast.
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I have no idea if that would work...I've never heard of anyone trying to bake a cake in that kind of oven! I have a feeling that it wouldn't be the best choice for some reason.
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It has grades from 0 to more than 300 celiuse , i man it can be set to 325 f without prolem, i need to hear from people who have some experience with such oven

And those who posted thanks soo much
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You might want to make a new post with the pizza oven in the title of it, it would attract people who know about it!
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