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help with booth for event

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OK, so it's more like a tiny table. 3 feet long and not very wide to be exact. My friend wants me to do a booth for her event next week. No time to make even a fake model of a cake so I am not sure how I should decorate my table to make it appealing to the eye. I was thinking of getting one or two of those digital frames to show my pictures of my cakes. That way I can put them at eye level and more people can see them at once rather than a book of pictures, plus the small space issue too.

Can anyone make any suggestions on what I can do to decorate?
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My experince with shows is that dummy cakes are most eye catching, but if you can't get that together and you are giving out samples try a cupcake towers with full size or mini cupcake samples. If it is for weddings you can use flowers, cake toppers, cake knives to set the scene. If its for celebration cakes maybe some ballons, confetti, streamers.

I havent done this one- but saw it at a show recently: Use a photo room divider screen and put photos of your cakes in it.
Good Luck
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I love the photo divider thing to show the pics! I wish I had room for that though. I will have to remember that for next time. I don't even know how to make a dummy cake... guess I can try to make a couple small "mini cakes" this weekend.
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Do you have a cake/ candy supply store? (Other than Michaels, Hoby Lobby etc)

If you do, they might have foam dummies- once you get foam dummies its the same as decorating a regular cake. I order my dummies online, but with a show this weekend you wouln't have time to get them shipped to you and decorated.
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Can I use styrofoam for the dummies? That's what I got at Joann's yesterday. How long do they stay ok enough to use as display?
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Styrofoam is what is used for dummies and as long as they don't get banged up or get too dusty, they'll last for months or even years. You'll probably want to scrape the decorations off and update them long before then though. You can also make a sheet cake and cut into small squares for samples. Don't forget to have some flyers and plenty of business cards, too.

I would think with a 3-foot table, one dummy for display and some samples and the flyers/cards would be plenty. And the digital photo frame works great! Good Luck. thumbs_up.gif
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Thanks guys! icon_smile.gif
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