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Good stand mixers and flower cutters!

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I am looking to get a good stand mixer and some good flower cutters! I was wonder what everyone prefers because I do not want to waste my money and whatever I get I have to get on Amazon! I know most people use kitchenaid but I am getting mixed reviews! I am looking at a Westinghouse SA61950 Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel but was wondering if anyone has any experience with them!
I also can not decide on what flower cutters to get!
Thanks so much in advance!
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Not sure I can be much help with the mixer, I have a KitchenAid that I love, have had it for years and I like it just fine, my only gripe is that it's not big enough (I have a little 4.5quart that suited my needs just fine until I started serious "caking!")...

As far as flower cutters... if you're starting from scratch I would suggest getting a good set of teardrop/rose petal cutters... because you can make a wide variety of flowers with it (I don't have one, I want a set but every time I go to buy something I forget, lol!). Also, if you want to add a lot of different cutters to your collection without paying a ton pick up one (or both) of the Wilton sets. There is an older one with green cutters and a newer one that has multicolored pieces). They come with instruction books, and while I don't think their instructions give the most realistic looking results it's a good starting point for practice. I have both sets and they make up the bulk of my collection... I've added to it slowly as I needed more specific flowers...

Have fun shopping icon_smile.gif
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I would get the new Wilton flower cutters, and the impression mat that goes with it (it's green silicone). Also some petal dust, at least pink, green, and brown.

About the mixer, Westinghouse is not a very good brand. The description--four speeds plus a pulse setting--sounds like it's not going to work like a kitchen aid, and the size--3 and a half quart bowl--is too small for anyone who's doing any serious baking. The way that the attachments are half plastic and half metal looks like they just tried to copy the look of the kitchen aid attachments without any thought to their function.
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Thank you! I will look at the kitchenaid more then! Last thing I want to do is waste my money! Its hard looking online because I can not tell how sturdy they look! I also do a lot of baking so I probably would need a sturdy one!
I used to have the old green set of wilton cutters but only had them a week before my dog decided to eat them! LOL I probably will go ahead and get the new ones since I can find them at hobby lobby and add the old set to my Amazon list!
Thanks for your help!
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