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at what step should I freeze my cakes?

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I've gotten great advise here without ever actually needing to post a question until now. thanks to all for your info!

I'm making a 2 layer topsy turvy cake for a b-day party. the party is Feb 19th, and I'd like to be DONE on the 18th. I'm planning to bake all the cakes this weekend. I'm trying to be efficient, as I've read how time-consuming the TT cake will be. Should I
1. freeze them individually now, uniced, and assemble everything next weekend?
2. Freeze them after assembling the 2 separate layers and crumb-coating them?

I understand it is easier to carve cakes when they are somewhat frozen; I do have time this weekend to firm them up for the carving, but maybe it would be easier to carve them next weekend when they are thawing so I don't have to freeze them twice. I've also never frozed a cake with icing on it, and don't want to muck it up (although I am covering the cake with fondant, so it wouldn't have to look pretty, I just don't want the icing texture to be afffected by condensation).

Separate question, but still curious: I've read lots of varied opinions about serving sizes for cakes. I need to feed 30 people and don't mind some left-over cake (I'm doing this as a favor for a friend; not charging for it). I was debating about tapering the layers as 5", 6", 7" and 7", 8" 9" OR doing 4", 5", 6" and 6", 7", 8".
Any thoughts?

Thanks so much!
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I am only a hobby baker so take this as you want. I have only frozen my cakes uniced. I know people do ice them and freeze but I have never done that. As to your second question, I have no idea how to figure out servings for the topsy turvy lol. I have the topsy turvy pans and still tend to have way more cake than I actually need; of course, my family and friends are always happy to take home leftovers.
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I also suggest fz'ing them uniced and carve as they are thawing.
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See I'm the opposite, I also have a topsy turvy coming up but it is a 4 tier. To save me time I am going to bake, cool then carve. Then mark the sides of the tiers either with a knife dent or with food colouring (so I can line the layers back up) and then freeze. Then I will pull them out a couple of days before, ganache, fondant, decorate. It'll save me time when it comes to the actual decorating.
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I would freeze uniced. But as mentioned in a few of the other posts, I enjoy baking as a hobby, so take it as you wish icon_smile.gif
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