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I've made it with the 12 oz bag of Wilton Melts, 1/3 C clear corn syrup recipe. I added gel food coloring & Lorann oil flavoring to the syrup before I stirred it into the melts. Came out with tasty, vibrantly colored modeling clay that was easy to work, held its shape and people actually ate the decorations made with it instead of scraping them to the  side of the plate like they've done with fondant!


I also used the recipe I found here on CC for Chocolate Leather. It calls for chocolate bark and clear corn syrup. Tastes just like a Tootsie Roll!


One thing I learned is to let the melted mixture set several hours before trying to knead it. I made a huge mess trying to sop up all the watery/oily looking goo before that lesson! OH! and it's a good idea to work over the sinkicon_smile.gif

When did you  add the gel and oil if I might ask? Was it during the melting process or when you folded the corn syrup in?

Thank you

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I stirred both into the corn syrup before adding it to the melted wafers.


It only took a tiny drop or two of the Lorann oil (Butterscotch or Butter Rum...I don't remember which) to flavor one batch. At the time, I only had Wilton gel colors so I just stirred dabs at a time into the syrup until I figured it would be intense enough. That was my first time making the stuff, so I pretty much ad libbed my way through.icon_smile.gif


I made 4 batches that day...BTW, they all started with White Wilton Melts. Here's a pic for you...the saran wrap kinda blurs things a bit though and the green appears a bit lime-ish here but it's just the camera:





Candy Clay Primary Colors 001.JPG 797k .JPG file
In my opinion, cake should be at the base of the Food Pyramid.
In my opinion, cake should be at the base of the Food Pyramid.
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Wow they look nice and vibrant..Looks like I have some experimenting to do !!! Great job and thank you for the info.
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ok diving in and trying it

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How did it go???
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It went pretty good...I am now trying to see how thin I can roll it...i love this stuff..It took me 2 trys before it came out properly but after you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy.Make before you go to bed and then when you get up in the morning it is waiting for you lol.I will snap some pics and post them when my batteries  charge for my camera.

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Hi there :)


I would really appreciate if you could upload the class notes...we can't buy modelling chocolate in South Africa (really annoying! I did see it once but it was so expensive I couldn't justify paying what they were asking. Obviously no one else could either & I haven't seen it for sale since!), so I will have to make some. Any info other than the great info you have provided will be much appreciated.




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Hi, please watch this video with Lauren Kitchens. I was using this recipe before i took her demo at ices convention.
She will be demoing again this year. She works mainly with chocolate. I met Mari Senago at an ices convention 13 yrs. ago.

She is on facebook and i think a member here. She in my opionion the best in making chocolate flowers. If you get to ices convention , be sure to check to see if she is doing anything in demos or hands on classes. I think also, that works in modeling chocolate also. I think she covers some of her cakes in modeling chocolate. So check out these two and you won,t have any problems. They both use the same recipe and so does Mike Mccarey. hth

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Forgot to add i use merkens chocolate also. Jennifer Dontz has a great dvd on modeling chocolate and how she uses it with pettinice fondant to cover her cakes and different decos.

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I am new to modeling chocolate and want to try to make some to put on cupcakes next weekend.  I need it to be black but  I haven't looked at all the wilton chocolate wafers to see if they even have black or if I will have to buy the brown wafers and use black gel. How easy will it be to get it black? 



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Glad I found this! It has great info for a beginner like me!
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Wilton confectionery coating candy (or "chocolate" wafers) certainly do come in black, and Michaels (or other craft stores) should have them but some smaller outlets may not carry all the colours/flavours. I do believe, if you are in the US or Canada (maybe), that you can order them from the Wilton website. Hope that helped!

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Those are amazing - I would love to learn how to make flowers llike that.  I live in a very rural area and hard to find anything more than online tutorials.  

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I love ur Choc leaves. How did u make them!? I'm going to make modeling chocolate this weekend for a cake for my family and was curious if I had to buy a fondant cutter to make the leaves or to buy mint leaves and paint melted chocolate on them and freeze em and then peel the chocolate off the leaf. Ty
Originally Posted by happyascanbee View Post

These I made years ago... everything on it is 100% modeling chocolate..





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Where would I buy merkens chocolate at?
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Forgot to add i use merkens chocolate also. Jennifer Dontz has a great dvd on modeling chocolate and how she uses it with pettinice fondant to cover her cakes and different decos.
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