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Organic (coarse) sugar

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I am trying to bake with more organic ingredients, and was really happy when the restaurant supply store I buy my organic flour from started to stock organic sugar. I bought a 50lb bag, and have been having a few problems with it. I made a yellow and chocolate butter cake from the cake bible a week before and they turned out great. I made it after with the organic sugar and they came out dry. Last night I tried the neoclassic buttercream from the cake bible, which turned out great a couple weeks ago, and last night I couldn't get the sugar to melt/dissolve in the corn syrup. I didn't even add the butter, because I have made that mistake before...nobody likes crunchy buttercream.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can make this work better. My only idea is that this is all related to the fact that its a bit coarser than refined white sugar. I thought I could put it through my old food processer to break up the granule size first. Any other idea?
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I spin my granulated sugar in the processor when I need superfine. Are you using the raw sugar or just organic? I know my raw is super coarse and I usually use it for garnish.

Have you checked the health food stores? Many of these stores have a big company that supplies all of their ingredients. Mine can look things up for me and many products are available in bulk. She just special orders it for me and it is in in 7 days. The bulk prices are at a good discount.
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