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Going Digital

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I am also a member of the " I love the feel of books/magazines in my hands, turning pages, saving articles, fascinated by book covers" generation. I even mourned the loss of Borders bookstore closing, I hate to think that Barnes and Noble might be next. These are sad times for the printing presses.

We are in the dawn of a technological revolution and we have no choice but to embrace it. In order for us to grow as individuals and as a nation ( no I am not running for office) we must accept change.

So fire away your Kindles, Nooks and Ipads and reconsider the digital version of the magazine. It truly is a fine magazine, a victim of the times. Let us treasure the hard copies that we have and move on.

Thank you Jackie, Heath and Cake Central staff for your sincerity and hard work through this transition.
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Cakesage, I'd be more than happy to go digital if you'll buy me a Kindle, Nook or I'd prefer an Ipad icon_smile.gif Otherwise I prefer a refund icon_smile.gif
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Cakesage, what sweet and positive message! Thank you for posting it. It really is nice see.

I too, mourn the loss of Borders. It was a good book store.
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I also prefer the hard copy, but have to admit that I love the option of buying digital issues of CC Magazine. An hour ago I bought them all (although I have few issues in hard copy) within 5 minutes and can't wait to go through them. Considering the fact that I live in Bosnia and always have to bother people to bring me things from USA, and they come here only twice a year, this is great opportunity to get Magazine timely. I love this digital version!
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Digital reading is fine for sports or glamour magazines, but CAKE magazines- the entire reason we buy them is for tutorials and pictures, so we can create them and learn. I cannot tear a picture out or follow along a tutorial for stringwork that is digital on my tiny nook- which i do own- but not for cooking books or learning material. I like to be able to research and go back and show my husband pictures i like and so forth.

I tried reading the last digital issue that came out and it took me forever..i had trouble going back to the previous page and reading till the end paragraph and so forth without cutting things off i wanted to see.

I hate it and will not ever renew.
Yes I am legal. Now move on and bake..
Yes I am legal. Now move on and bake..
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I was so disapointed when they went digital with the magazine! I used it numerous times in consultations with brides to help them generate ideas. Having the hard copy was so handy and flipping through the ipad is just slow and not idea when trying to work with a bride. I bought the pdf subscription but I hate having to stare at the computer screen to read through it. And the cost of printing out all of those pages via a Kinko's or my home computer just makes me sick. I would give my right arm (my decorating arm) to have it back in hard copy again!!!!

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I absolutely love my kindle for reading but give me a hard copy of a cookbook or a cake decorating book or a magazine any day.  However, having said that, my copies of CC mag are digital and I look at them on my computer cos it is too expensive to have them posted to Australia.

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