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pasta roller attachment or cricut cake mini?

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My birthday is next week and my mom wants to get me a baking "item." Her budget is ~$100. I am just starting to experiment with cake decorating with dreams of possibly starting my own business in the future. Since I don't know if that will happen, I can't bring myself to buy any expensive baking "items" for myself just yet (I know a lot of small items = one larger item, but I can't justify one large purchase YET). I've purchased only many smaller tools. Now with this birthday wish, I'm thinking of using it on one of those bigger items I would never buy for myself. I was thinking of either a pasta roller attachment for my kitchenaid stand mixer or a cricut cake mini. Which would you get? Or would you have any other suggestions? Any thoughts would be appreciated icon_smile.gif
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hmm...i think i might vote for the pasta roller. it's pure convenience. the cricut has a weird and sometimes very steep learning curve. the pasta roller is pretty darn straight forward, small to store, and quick to attach.
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Your probably would still use the pasta roller with the Criciut cake in order to roll the gumpaste thin enough. So pasta roller for now.
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The pasta attachment would be a great investment now. Learn how to make gum paste and practice making simple flowers and bows. Do not waste your money on a Cricut. Save your money and invest in a Silhouette Cameo. You will be able to do much more and the cameo is a better machine. You will need to get it from Linda McClure so you get the cake accessory package.
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Thanks for the feedback everyone! I was leaning towards the pasta roller but wanted other opinions in case there was something I wasn't considering.

bonniekaye: thank you for the tipon the Silhouette Cameo! I hadn't heard of it before and looked into it now. GREAT advice - thank you!
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Absolutely, the pasta roller. You'll need it to roll sheets of gumpaste paper thin to place in your Cricut mini (that you can get next year if you are still decorating). And with the pasta roller you can create fabric-like drapes for wedding cakes.
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