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ruffle cake (buttercream) - *Updated with pic of cake

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can anyone point me in the direction of a good tutorial for making a buttercream ruffle cake? Ideally I'd like to do horizontal ruffles, but I haven't seen many pics of those and its seems vertical ruffles are much more common. I'm looking for a tutorial on either. Going to try this technique tonight on a little 6in round cake. Thx! icon_smile.gif

I am trying to do something like this.
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Are you talking about the tip 104 ruffles? You don't need a tutorial for that! Just start with the fat end of the tip closest to your cake at the bottom, then go up moving the tip back and forth to create a ruffle. If you want to do it horizontally, just start at the bottom again, and zig zag the tip up and down for a vertical ruffle. Hope that helps.
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YEs, i think tip 104. I've also seen some that say 123.

For horizontal, I saw a pic (on facebook actually, not sure how to link it here) where the ruffles were buttercream but horizontal around the cake, similar look to the popular fondant ruffles.

How do I do that? can I just hold the flat end of the tip at the base, starting at the bottom of the cake and going around the entire cake (and around and around and around....). Will that work?
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If you want them angled up, you need to start at the top. Just put the fat end against the cake and wiggle your tip to make a ruffle, just keep the turn table going as you work around the cake. Then go back and start a second row.
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thanks or all the responses, it turned out great!! I uploaded a pic of it icon_smile.gif
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Looks like you figured it out. Very nice job! thumbs_up.gif
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