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You actually harvest and process your own Prickly Pears for Prickly Pear flavor? Sorta adds a whole new dimension to the term "scratch baking".... ooooh, bad pun... but seriously, there has to be an easier way to win the "unique bakery feature" than combing the dessert in your chef's apron, warding off scorpions with your oven mitts while plucking prickly pears![/quote]

That presents a picture! icon_lol.gif Actually, around here prickly pear jelly is very popular, and that's why I started gathering them. The juice is such a beautiful dark fuschia that I thought it would make a gorgeous frosting. It turns out to be a pretty pink, so I'm working on how to get the color without diluting it with powdered sugar, etc. So every October, I'm out with my thick gloves and tongs. icon_rolleyes.gif
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Originally Posted by nikki1201

The bakery I work in only uses Whipped Cream for our wedding cakes.

Wow, whipped cream exclusively?? How do they alter the recipe so that it's stable at room temperature for the duration of a wedding reception? Just intrigued, since I'd love to offer a homemade whipped cream that can go without refrigeration, without having to resort to something like Bettercreme.

EDITED: Sorry Nikki...I continued to scroll down and saw that you already answered this question!
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I typically do what the customer request, Butter cream or fondant. I have done others but living on the coast of VA the weather can really play games with frosting's and decorations so i try to stick with my butter cream and homemade fondant. I do a lot of carved cakes so at times i have to say fondant is the only way to get the design. I have done a quilting pattern on a wedding cake with butter cream on it and no fondant in site. that was frustrating but very rewarding.
"dreaming in cake land is always the best place to rest." Heidi Varden
"dreaming in cake land is always the best place to rest." Heidi Varden
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My dad harvests our prickly pears for us, we have hundreds in the back yard. He is pulling stickers out for days afterward (uses thick gloves and tongs also). My mom makes prickly pear jelly too but I never thought to use it for filling, how yummy is that?? The hard part is having anything left after getting out those stinkin pits, there are tons of them!

The bakery near me doesn't do sheet cakes, and our other bakery only does non-dairy whipped frosting.

ORIGINAL creator of Gelatin Bubbles


ORIGINAL creator of Gelatin Bubbles

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garciam- yes... we do not like bettercreme. We have a few customers we have to order it for that always request it, but we do not use it otherwise.

Brides love that we do whipped cream cakes. IMO, they are light and elegant. here is a link to our bakery's facebook page so you can see what i mean when i said they are not 'elaborately decorated'... whipped cream is not exacty a drwam to work with but my boss does an amazing job with it.
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nikki1201 those cakes are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the pictures.
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nikki1201, those are beautiful cakes!! I do a lot of whipped icing because my family particularly likes my recipe, but when they are for family I can always control the environment and be sure they are in my refrigerator. Does your bakery add anything to the recipe to give it greater stability? For example, I add unflavored gelatin to mine.
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I don't have an exact recipe... but when i make it for her, "1/2 gallon of heavy cream, 2 scoops of sugar, and one scoop of stabilizer" (her words lol) go into the mixer. i believe the sugar is 10X, the stabilizer- i have no idea, i never actually looked at the label! and if i had to guess, i'd say our "scoop" is about a half a cup.
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Sounds like I'll have to experiment with stabilizer! I LOVE whipped icing. Thanks for the info!
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