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Cake Central Magazine Update 2012 - Going Digital  

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Dear Cake Central Magazine Subscriber,

I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting the next print issue of Cake Central Magazine, and were expecting it to arrive in January.

I want to personally apologize for the fact that you did not receive a magazine last month, and to provide an update on the plans for the magazine in 2012.

We have spent the last several months exploring partnerships with new printers, distributors, designers, etc, as well as evaluating the current support level from advertisers. At the same time we have been learning about the possibilities offered from the new technologies to provide the great magazine content across multiple devices and platforms.

Through all of this exploration we have determined two things. First, while there is incredible subscriber support for the magazine, there is not a large enough advertiser base to support the cost structure of the print edition of the magazine. We do have a few dedicated advertisers to whom we are extremely grateful for their loyalty and continued support, but the unfortunate reality is that these days companies are moving more and more of their advertising budget to online and digital formats where they can better track ad performance. At the same time print costs are increasing across the industry.

Second, we have found that digital and mobile formats offer a number of advantages, the most important of which are that we can offer more interactive content and publish more frequently, delivering to you a richer and more timely reading experience.

So our plan for 2012 is as follows.

* There will be no print version of the magazine in 2012. We are moving to an all digital format.

* We will be returning to a monthly publishing schedule, delivering 11 issues for 2012.

* Vol 3 Issue 1 will be in standard pdf format like the last two issues, it will be a bonus issue, in that it will not count against your subscription count. This will be available next week for download.

* Beginning with Vol 3 Issue 2, all subscribers can choose between receiving their subscriptions in pdf format or, by popular demand, a new iPad optimized format.

* For all subscribers who choose to continue their subscription with us in one of the digital formats, we will be doubling the length of your subscription to thank you for sticking with us.

We know that while many of our subscribers enjoy the digital format, and some have been eagerly awaiting an iPad version, there will be many subscribers who will be very disappointed that we will not be able to offer the print format. We share your disappointment, we love the entire printing process and seeing the magazine come off the presses, holding it in our hands, and flipping through the pages. While we hope that you can still enjoy all the great content in one of the digital formats, if you really do not want to receive the magazine digitally, you can certainly cancel your subscription and we will issue a refund. We are confident that if you give the digital format a chance, you will still find great value and enjoyment in the magazine.

Again, I would just like to thank all of our wonderful subscribers for your extreme patience and support as we have worked through this difficult time of transition for the magazine. We know that many people have been frustrated with the process, and I apologize for that, it is certainly not what we wanted for our customers when we set out on this adventure of launching a new cake magazine. I expect things to go much smoother under this new format and hope that with time, we will regain the confidence of those who continue on with us.

If you prefer to continue receiving the PDF version of the magazine please visit


If you prefer the iPad version of the magazine, please visit


If you would like to cancel your magazine subscription please visit:

If you have any questions about these changes please contact us at

Jackie Shaffer
CEO & Founder of Cake Central

birthday.gif Jackie

birthday.gif Jackie

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For our International Subscribers
Any International subscribers will automatically be refunded for any un-shipped issues in your subscription.

birthday.gif Jackie

birthday.gif Jackie

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